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What's in your lens bag and why? (BMPCC)

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  • What's in your lens bag and why? (BMPCC)

    So I just bought the BMPCC, it hasn't arrived yet and I have yet to buy a lens for it. In the past I always rented out good glass for my 7D on paid gigs.

    Now I want to buy one good all around lens for my BMPCC(and add more as I go along) I think I have narrowed it down to two choices but since I have no experience with either lens or the camera I want to hear from you guys and what works for you with your shooting style.

    Right now I'm looking at the Sigma 18-35mm with the Nikon G-mount speed booster or the Panny 12-35mm MFT lens. While the Nikon has the speed advantage the Panny has OIS. Do you guys still feel OIS is needed even with a shoulder rig?

    Another question I also have is how does the Nikon G-Mount speed booster work with with non G lenses like a Rokinon. Do you use the aperture ring on the lens or on the speed booster?

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    You should search all your questions. Might be a good starting point as these topics have been discussed, with examples posted in great length in the forum. Then go from there.