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Camera will not read EXFAT Sandisk SSD's. NEED HELP FAST!

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  • Camera will not read EXFAT Sandisk SSD's. NEED HELP FAST!

    Okay, guys. I still have not figured out this issue. I even got a new usb 3.0 to sata docking bay and when I go to format and go to exfat and choose quick format everything goes as planned, but the MFT BMC will not read the drive. I have 3, THREE Sandisk extreme 240 gb drives that I have used in the camera before with no issues whatsoever, but once I RE-FORMATTED them to exfat after taking footage off the cam they will no longer be read by the cam. What is up? All three drives work fine in my computer and one drive which was never reformatted after the first shoot reads fine in the camera. So, this leads me to believe the camera and ssd's are all working fine, but once I format them to exfat on my windows 7 64 bit pc they no longer read in my MFT BMC! I have formatted them exFAT (quick format) through disk utility, command prompt, and just right clicking and going to format..I even reformatted them all back to NTFS and back to factory defaults THEN back to exFAT...and NOTHING. I really need to resolve this issue. I even tried a different PC. No difference. Please help guys.

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    did you delete the volume?
    computer management > disk management > right click on drive and delete volume. then reformat for ex-fat.
    I have the same ssds
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