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$8k to spend, what do I buy?

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  • $8k to spend, what do I buy?

    I already have a decent list of equipment in mind, but I am sure I am not thinking of something. I've shot with the BMCC before and cannot wait to get one in my hands again! Being that this is my first venture into going wild n' crazy with camera gear there'll be a lot I'll need to learn.

    In fact I just really learned about d-tap, Anton Bauer, and v mount brackets in the last few weeks...

    Anyway, if anyone has any suggestions on equipment or software please send away... I have my cap set a 8k, and so far I've filled it to about $7,600, so I have some room to play and the ability to change things out. For example, I don't think I'll be going for the whole Rokinon Cine lens set, probably just the 85mm, 35mm, and 24mm. Then go for the Sigma 18-35mm and probably the Tokina 11-16.

    Thanks for any suggestions in advance.

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    Tell us what your plans are. What are you going to shoot? Professional or "just for fun"? Hard to give proper advise otherwise.
    -John Bauer-


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        I would skip the Rokinon 24 and 35 if you are planning to get the Sigma or skip Sigma and get the Rokinons. No point to get both.


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          Can't help with out knowing what's it's for.
          If it's just for fun, then give it to charity


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            Originally posted by Fresno Bob View Post
            Can't help with out knowing what's it's for.
            If it's just for fun, then give it to charity
            He already has another thread asking the same stuff and explaining what he's doing. I have no idea why he's asking the same stuff all over the place.


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              If you have a project already lined up throw money at the production and rent instead of buy. Everyone has particular likes/dislikes when it comes to lenses and cameras but by renting equipment you can see what works for you.


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                Also, what is your actual level of experience?


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                  I'll respond with answers tonight. I've not really posted all ove the place, in another thread I just asked opinions on the rokinon cine lens bundle. Tonight I will respond.


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                    BMCC lenses

                    Originally posted by BMCFinVid View Post
                    I'll respond with answers tonight. I've not really posted all ove the place, in another thread I just asked opinions on the rokinon cine lens bundle. Tonight I will respond.
                    I own both the BMC and BMPCC and I can tell you your best bet would be going Voigtlander unless you make the mistake of buying Canon mount.
                    Reasons why not to buy Canon mount instead of M43

                    1- No PL mount adapter possible
                    2- Only big lenses can be used due to the mount
                    3- No electronic functions on the Rokinon you want to get

                    What I did? I bought the voigtlander 17,5mm .95, the 25mm .95 and the 42mm .95. Due to the crop factor of the camera almost all focal lengths will be covered

                    35mm, 50mm, 84mm. For the shorter distances I have the Duclos Lenses PL mount 11-16 and that is it for that camera. Altough I have almost 100 lenses (arri, zeiss,leica,nikon,canon, lomo etc...) their size and weight makes the lighter and more versatile Voigtlanders much more useful...otherwise why buying a smaller camera like the BMCC?


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                      So, the production doesn't have much overhead cost. It'll mostly be spotlight features on classic automobiles with interviews on each car. The collection exceeds 200 cars, all of them run except a Mazda Rx-7 Gen. 3.
                      The timeframe is a year, working one day a week for shooting and editing. I'll be doing it mostly alone save for some assistance with getting the right info on each car so I know what to ask. I didn't grow up with these cars, I do have a reverence for them, but the gentleman and woman that will be on-camera will surely have anecdotes and memories of these cars when they were younger.

                      I would consider myself an ever-learning professional... I get paid for freelance, but I have a normal 9-5 at a luxury auto dealership as the photographer and videographer. I've linked the most recent video I did on another thread...

                      The reason I am buying is that I will be able to keep all the equipment my employer buys for the project at the end of the production schedule... which'll be nice because then I can up my rates with the better equipment I have acquired.

                      I think that answers all the questions.
                      Please feel free to provide suggestions or thoughts on good equipment to pair with the BMCC.



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                        Do you have any gear already? Unless I missed something.

                        A list of what you have would be a good place to start.
                        Steve Lee Jean
                        Busan, South Korea + Los Angeles, CA


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                          Get yourself a nice Canon HD B4 lens with a 2X doubler. Can't go wrong.


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                            Excuse the wall of text...

                            Anyway, answering some of the questions others have asked...

                            The reason for buy vs rent is that the purchased equipment then becomes mine at the completion of the project... the time to test the camera out has come and gone (it was a quick 10 days . Also, the production won't have much overhead cost, I am a one man crew and will only be able to dedicate one day/wk for this project, with that in mind I will need to spend money on getting equipment that will deliver the quality my boss/client is looking for.

                            My plans for shooting are to try to get 4 vehicles shot/wk... with roughly 200 cars I reasonably expect the project to go for a full year. This will include b-roll of the vehicles, interview footage, found footage, and photos. The people were younger when these cars first hit the scene... hearing anecdotes and fond memories of 'Woodie Wagons' will be a nice blast to the past.

                            The location abounds in classic neon signs, ornate gas pumps, collectible toys, and massive billboards. All vehicles run expect a 3rd Gen Rx-7. As they sit now I am going to try to get driving footage of a few that are really special... if anything we can have them driven around the campus.

                            The reason for EF mount is two-fold... I own Canon glass and its the most accepted lens mount available today (save for PL mount, which we can't afford to begin with)

                            What do you mean only 'big lenses' can be used? I had a 50mm f/1.4 and it work fine... not sure what you mean?

                            If I had $18k I'd love to get crazy with the lenses, truth be told I want to start off with cheaper glass, relatively speaking, so that I can build up a better understanding of what focal lengths do with the BMCC 2.5k.

                            Finally, below will be the list of stuff I am mostly set on, please comment if you think I am making a drastic mistake with anything here...

                            2.5k BMCC EF Mount - $2230 w/ 3yr Square trade
                            Sennheiser ME66/K6 Basic Kit - $987 w/ 3yr Square trade
                            2pk Sandisk Extreme II 240GB - $506 w/ 3yr Square Trade
                            iKan BlackFly Cinema Rig - $270
                            Manfrotto 504HD Head - $449
                            2pk Watson NP-F975 Li-Ion Batteries @ 7800mAh - ($170)
                            Watson Duo Charger - $80
                            AtomOS AC Power Supply - $50
                            AtomOS Samurai Carry Case - $80
                            Canare BNC to BNC SDI Cable 3ft - $14
                            AtomOS Samurai Blade - $1565 w/ 3yr Square Trade
                            Rokinon 35mm t1.5 - $500
                            Rokinon 85mm t1.5 - $350
                            Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 DX-II - $550

                            total equaling - $7802

                            and what I may do is exclude the items that are under $180 and just pick them up myself...

                            so if anyone has any comments, please, by all means...
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                              Other gear includes Zoom H4n, Manfrotto tripod, canon t2i, canon 24-105mm, steadicam hd2000, proam 4ft jib, 480gb SSD, avid media composer(just won it at dSLR Dynamics tour) and creative suite. I may be forgetting, but this is the main stuff.