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Questions about BMCC EF: battery life and base plate extension questions

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  • Questions about BMCC EF: battery life and base plate extension questions


    1) Battery life question:

    Is it by the way normal that BMCC battery behaves like this (this was the behavior of the BMCC I borrowed):
    - Switch it on, it shows 100% battery. After a minute it shows 75%. Then if I turn it off and back on, it shows 25%.
    Then I shoot something and it shows 50%, and then after couple of minutes it turns of due to empty battery. I was using it
    with external Anton Bauer battery the whole time because of this as the internal battery life was almost none.
    - Or is that indication that the internal battery of this particular BMCC is gone?

    I could find two reasons for this behavior:
    1. the battery management of BMCC is wrongly implemented and it is completely unlike the well established lithium battery control algorithms used for long time already in cell phone industry
    2. the battery is faulty (one of the lipo cells is undervoltage, i.e. beyond repair)

    I am still waiting for my dealer to get BMCCs in stock, I am going to possibly buy one, and I am hoping the battery in my camera
    lasts more than the ~5-10 minutes that was the battery life in this demo camera as described above. I am later going to get a external battery
    solution for it, but due to limited budget I was planning to attempting surviving with the internal battery at first.

    2) Base plate extension question:

    If I would attach a normal base plate to BMCC, it would block the air flow to the cooling fan. There was a ARRI base plate extension attached on
    the BMCC I borrowed. Are there any cheaper such pieces of metal blocks which go between the BMCC and the base plate to give room for the cooling fan
    air to circulate because this ARRI solution costs quite much.

    Best Regards,

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    1. It's probably a faulty battery. I had to send mine back because once I unplugged it from the wall the indicator dropped to 75% right away. The battery would only last about 45 minutes. It's now fixed and works great.

    2. There is a slight recessed tunnel going from side to side under the body to help with cooling even if you don't have a bottom plate with holes, but I wouldn't recommend using anything without holes when shooting for long periods of time.