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First complete rig for the BMC from Chrosziel

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  • First complete rig for the BMC from Chrosziel


    This should be pricey, but this is top quality stuff, you get what you pay for.

    Edit: found a price at TELTEC, 1900€
    Marcotec sells a bundle with the camera for 4.342€
    C300 review |

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    Chrosziel is so frustrating

    I'm glad to see this, because it shows that the BMC plate will not be a highly-customized piece. Some of Chrosziel's other plates, such as for the EX3, could ONLY work with the camera they're designed for.

    I love the Chrosziel stuff that I own, but the marketing strategy of their products is extremely frustrating to me. All their support bases are sold for specific cameras. I don't shoot with just one camera, and if I am going to invest in nice Chrosziel components, I need those support components to work on a range of cameras. If their baseplates are not adjustable enough to accommodate some variation, they need to make them more adjustable.

    I am in the market for another rail system THIS WEEK, but am having a heck of a time deciding whether to get a Chrosziel piece or not. I need whatever I buy to work on my DSLR, my video camera, the C300 we'll be renting next week, AND the BMC when it shows up.

    Too much to ask?