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How many will buy on release date with M4/3 or E Mount?

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    Pre Ordered with EF, going to start building a second set of lenses starting with the Tokina 11-16mm (AGAIN, for the third time) as I plan on using the BMDCC for wides mostly and shoot most of my mcu and cu stuff on my gh2 or my gh1's to save cash in the media department. GH2 is almost enough for me, this camera gives me that extra range of detail I sometimes miss shooting with GH2/GH1's alone. So.... Yes. I preordered from texas media systems who gave me a sweet dvxuser discount, thank you, and if in the future I can send my camera back to BMD to have it refitted with an m4/3 mount then all the better, but for the money I just paid I feel I've just won some kind of contest... Oh, and Resovle is bundled free of charge??? S W E E T.