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BMPC OEM Nikon or third party batteries?

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  • BMPC OEM Nikon or third party batteries?

    Hello everyone, my first post and looking forward to contributing to the forum.

    I am shopping around for Nikon EN-EL20 batteries in anticipation of the arrival of my BMPCC. I usually go original when it comes to batteries but I had noticed on B&H Blackmagic listing batteries for pre-order at $15USD each vs $45USD (original Nikon). No specs listed but I was quite surprised. Original Nikons are rated at 7.2V 1020mAh, Watson and Pearson 7.4V at 900mAh, and a few generics on eBay ranging from 1300mAh to 1800mAh. What is everyone else choosing for their BMPCC? I might as well wait it out for the official cheaper Blackmagic batteries at that price.


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    You can find EN-EL20 batteries on ebay pretty cheap. They are not oem batteries but they work


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      I got three 7.4v 1800mAh ones from ebay for $25 - wont know if they are any good until I get a camera though.
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        I picked up Wasabi Power ones off of Amazon. you get two and a charger for around $30. Their GoPro versions have held up well for me so i decided to try the En-El20 versions.


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          thanks guys, 1800mAh sure sounds good though but will never really know until a side by side comparison is done. might try my luck with them or the 1300mAh ones, lets hope they dont pack the internals with newspaper =)