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Banding in recently purchased BMCC 4K

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  • Banding in recently purchased BMCC 4K

    I've shot with a BMCC 4K (I'll call it A Camera) for several years now and I've been very happy with the results. So much so that I decided to buy a used BMCC 4K (B Camera) to act as a second camera for interviews and other conveniences.

    However, I've noticed B Camera has very noticeable banding compared to A Camera. I've attached a comparison of both cameras using the same lens, SSD and camera settings. Both have firmware 4.3.2. There's also a color shift that I didn't realized was so severe.

    A Camera
    A Cam.jpg

    B Camera
    B Cam.jpg

    What are my options? I am aware that color sciences can be slightly different between two cameras of the same model, but this banding is not going to work for me. Does the sensor need a professional cleaning?

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    Has anyone experienced firmware updates not "taking"? I'm wondering if jumping from a very early version of the firmware that was on the camera when I received it (something around1.2 IIRC) straight up to 4.3.2 might have been the issue. The problems I'm experiencing seem a lot like the early FNP and vertical banding that occurred when the camera was new to the market.