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BMPCC Super 16mm film look-Angenieux FINAL ANSWER

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  • BMPCC Super 16mm film look-Angenieux FINAL ANSWER

    I just bought my first BMPCC Original version HD for a P.O.C.( proof of concept)- We want to replicate as close as possible the Super 16/16mm film look ( see Evil Dead photos below that I quickly shot on my iPhone ) and Evil Dead 2 ( which was shot on 35mm) photos.
    The shoot is an indoor night shoot. Lenses available: Angenieux 17.5-70 (with retro focus), Leica Summilux R 50mm, Summicron R 50mm with Metabones speed booster, Lights available: LED Godox VL 300, one Stage Spot 500 halogen and a few custom LED lights, 1 small fog machine and various colored gels. I understand that quite a bit of the look will depend on post- adding grain, halation etc. I know achieving "film look " with digital cameras has been much discussed but I would like this post to hopefully be a FINAL ANSWER ( as much as possible anyway). As we have 7 years of the BMPCC being on the market. What filters do you guys recommend aside form Pro mist 1/4? Also I would appreciate some help replicating similar lighting design as seen in the EVIL DEAD 2 photos below but with the gear listed above?

    So please help me to achieve this look. THanks so very much in advance for all your help.

    Evil Dead ( 16mm)

    EVIL DEAD 2 ( 35mm)
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