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Absolutely ruined ursa mini or mini pro

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  • Absolutely ruined ursa mini or mini pro

    For those who are curious, here is a look at some of the mortal remains of an URSA Mini after a tripod topple onto the sidehandle.

    The casting (1) has been punched in by the side handle.

    The mainboard (2) has been impacted but shows no evident sign of damage. It has however flexed sufficiently that the copper heat sink pickup (3) and attached radiator has been forced 5mm to the left or directly away as viewed here.

    It has impacted the sensor radiator and driven that across into the small PCB (4) attached to the left cover. Witness marks in the left side of the sensor radiator show how far that was moved with considerable velocity.

    The mainboard looks fine but such a wallop, bend and springback will have inevitably split something between the board layers somewhere, either component pads, traces or what they call "vias" which are conductive paths between board layers.

    There is a decent chomp in the rubber cushion which guides the broad ribbon cable over a neighbouring sharp PCB edge. However the cushion did its job and the ribbon cable itself was undamaged. Needless to say, the camera no longer goes.

    The right side cover and mainframe are more damaged than they look. The cover's brittle thin alloy material cannot be belted back into shape without destroying it entirely. The mainframe has been ricked. Trying to bend that back into squareness will likely crack it off at the front narrow corners.

    So. URSA survival 101. Only use the side handle for handheld work and never ever on a tripod. That sidehandle is just a trap waiting for a shirtsleeve to hook it in addition to the passing fool who snags the audio cables and drags the whole thing over.

    Out of respect for BM's intellectual property, I won't be publishing any closer or more highly detailed views.

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    The postscript to the story is that I got hold of an URSA Mini 4.6K which had severe damage to the casework. It was described as not operating but on arrival, after checking for obvious short, it was found to be working. I was able to combine the two cameras. There are differences in the castwork and electronics so I had to rebuild as a Mini 4.6K and not use the Mini Pro left side cover or the front lens mount support. I discovered that the Ursa Mini front lens support casting was also cracked. So I have temporarily repaired it with JBWeld until another broken specimen comes along. I would like to have used the ND filter wheel but such was not to be as it interferes with the left side cover of the earlier model.