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BMPCC 4k noisy footage at 40 IRE

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  • BMPCC 4k noisy footage at 40 IRE

    Hello friends!

    I shot a small dance project this past weekend and wanted a dark look, but all I got was noise!

    I exposed the skin at 40 ire, the skin and everything else was noisy. I know the skin range is from 40 to 70.

    I tried to shoot some silhouettes, the background was exposed correctly and the dancer was all noisy.

    The camera was set at ISO 400/ 60fps and 120 shutter.

    can anyone provide some advice on how to go about getting good silhouette or dark scene?

    Do I need to expose the skin at 50-70 IRE and let everything else go dark? How about shooting a silhouette?

    Below are few images that represent the look I wanted.


    Thank you for your help!