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  • GROUP BUY: Filters

    Following a number of user requests for a filters group buy, I contacted the big three companies to see if they would be interested in participating. Schneider and Formatt filters have both come back offering similar deals.

    These deals apply to ANY filters within their current catalogues, glass or resin, any size, any type. This is one of the most straightforward offers we've had. It should make purchasing a breeze and give you guys a healthy discount too. The deals won't last forever, so get in while you can.

    There is no minimum order per customer, and you can buy a mixture of sizes and types. You can even buy from both deals if there is a product from both manufacturers that you want.

    Lots have people have asked about NDIR filters. Here is a test from AbelCine that uses the BMCC with both manufacturers filters.

    Can you please indicate your interest including your location as usual. Can you please also indicate your preference for Formatt, Schneider, or both. I'll add more info, including links to both catalogues shortly.



    UPDATE: The Schneider deal has now closed. The Formatt deal is currently ongoing. If this should change i'll update you.
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    Current Filter Range

    Formatt’s current range can be seen at:

    this is their new website. I posted a link to the old one initially sorry.

    Schneider’s at:
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      I'd love a deal on some black promist or classic softs. As well as higher strength IRND. Los Angeles.


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        I'd be interested in Formatt IRND's in 0.3, 0.6, 0.9 (edit: 4x5.65). They look to be more neutral than Schneider on the BMC in particular.

        I'm in Melbourne, Australia.
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          Interested in Schneiderīs Hollywood Black Magic if the price is right and I was already going to order more Formatt IRNDīs to complete my kit (own .6 and 1.2). Located in Sweden.
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            Interested. New York.


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              Interested. In Brooklyn, New York. Looking for IRND, not sure which company makes the better filter. I'll be using Production Cam and as it's not going to be out for a bit, any purchase is a bit of a gamble but I'm definitely interested.


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                Both. IR cut off ND filters. USA


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                  interested in NDIR filters. New York. Would prefer tiffen or formatt


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                    Is Tiffen a possibility? Seems like might be the best for the BMCC in the AbelCine test. This is another recent test by Ryan E Walters if anybody's interested:



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                      Interested in Formatt IRNDs as well as Schneiderīs Hollywood Black Magic and Classic Soft. Indianapolis, USA


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                        Originally posted by claytonarnall View Post
                        Is Tiffen a possibility? Seems like might be the best for the BMCC in the AbelCine test. This is another recent test by Ryan E Walters if anybody's interested:

                        Tiffen have a policy only to sell via dealers I'm afraid. We could approach a dealer to ask for a discount, but your not going to get close to the deals offered by these two.


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                          Interested, Toronto Canada.

                          Schneider Linear TruePola 138mm
                          Format ND3, ND6, ND9, IRND 1.2 4x5.65


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                            Catalogues now added in page 1


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                              Interested, US. Will look through catalogs soon.