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Any thoughts about the Sigma fp Vs the P4k ?

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  • Any thoughts about the Sigma fp Vs the P4k ?

    completely different cameras for different tasks. I get that.

    P4K is a cinema camera and used appropriately seems that enough ppl out there love it.

    the Sigma fp does not match the specs of the P4K thats for sure. limited to 23.98p at 12 Bit RAW cDNG at this time. Perhaps the next fw upgrade will bring 25p.

    Those in the know claim the colour science is better than the P4K. Not looking for a flame war here please !! I guess what we need is someone with both camera's to tell us thier thoughts.

    I plan to go ahead and get the P4k for its S16 crop mode. Wondering if getting a Sigma fp might also be a good idea as it is L mount and can be adapted to just about any lens out there.

    In the absence of lots of detailed info out there just yet, any thoughts about the fp Vs the P4K ?

    A review;

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    Ill be comparing these two next week on my channel. Ill let you know. Im comparing p4k vs zcam e2 atm
    My Youtube Channel


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      Originally posted by jsfilmz View Post
      Ill be comparing these two next week on my channel. Ill let you know. Im comparing p4k vs zcam e2 atm
      I will be looking forward to that with great interest. Thanks for your efforts.


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        I have been watching the Sigma FP closely. On paper it looks great, and the full frame (stills wise) chip is a big deal for me. Theres a lot I really dont like about my pocket 4k, but im not sure if the sigma is the replacement..

        The footage I am seeing posted with the FP I really don't like. Even Noam's example looks bad to me- its like the sky is radioactive... and I have seen these bad colours (IMO) in lots of dark and night scenes. There is so much far nicer looking colours in dusk shots with the BMPCC4k out there. Theres a night test between the picket and the FP done in Japan I have seen and the sigma looks really bad in comparison, odd colours and ugly clipped highlights- Ill post the link if I can find it again.
        This maybe because of the lack of a cine profile for the FP, but we can only go on what we are seeing.

        another big issue with the FP is the lack of a compressed raw. Even shooting 1080p is a handful when dealing with data.

        what I have see so far, this is the nicest piece of footage from the FP -

        VIMEO link-


        cheers Paul
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          Yes......I grant you that is a good one indeed.

          I may not be discerning enough. Maybe I dont know what to look for? But I have seen some very nice footage out of the fp.

          I see it as a stealth cam. I dont see it as a replacement for any of the BMD cams. I see the P4K in my future for sure for my S16 lenses.

          I see the fp as the cam for when i really want to be as low key as possible and still get quality footage. Personally I am liking the idea of uncompressed cDNG. LTO is cheap enough for storing footage.

          But hey, i used to own a prolab. I have processed more neg film then I care to think about. So to me the cost of SSD is not that much compared to the cost of getting out there to shoot it. YMMV.
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            I have used the Sigma FP a little bit. Together with the P4K and they are quite different. I kind of like the FP, it’s tiny. Truly a pocket cam. And I kind of like the IQ as well, seems to handle color well straight out of the box. And the low light capacities seems (so far, haven’t had the time to test it that much) to be good.

            But working with it is a hassle compared to the P4K. And I would never use it as anything other than a compliment to another camera or in situations where you need to be low key or have the low light etc.

            My main concerns with the camera so far

            - The sound is crap for production purposes (only auto and no headphone jack to monitor)
            - It will fill up your ssds really fast..
            - The sound file and dng’s docent match up automatically in DaVinci so you will manually have to match every sound file with the video. And in some cases the video where 25p and the sound 24p..
            - You can’t charge it through the usb while the camera is running (you need the CN-21 adapter)
            - Small and maybe frail usb-c, mini-hdmi contacts (time will tell…)

            Maybe some of these things will be solved by fm upgrade and additional accessories from Sigma. But even with these small issues I like the camera, it does what it’s supposed to do.

            Here are some DNG’s of you want to grade for yourself. Its only handheld, really hastily done. Just to try out the camera. Tired to provoke some morie and to try the dynamic range. So some of the pictures are deliberate under or overexposed. Most of the time its the Canon 35mm F2 IS (the IS is really noticeable on the FF sensor I think) and most of the files are CDNG 10bit. I also put some still DNG there. Some of them are at really high iso.


            And here they are as a UHD ProRes file:

            Converted with the BMD color space and the BMD Film Gamma and some minor adjustments in the raw tab. But no color grade. I haven’t edited them, just exported. It’s downloadable if you want to try yourself.


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              Originally posted by jsfilmz View Post
              Ill be comparing these two next week on my channel. Ill let you know. Im comparing p4k vs zcam e2 atm
              Any idea on when this P4K vs Sigma fp will be posted ? Waiting anxiously for this from you. I enjoy your channel a lot.