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Ursa Mini Pro G2 - 1080i50

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  • Ursa Mini Pro G2 - 1080i50

    The Ursa Mini series is a very versatile camera and after almost 4 years of extensive use of my UM 4.6K EF I ordered the G2 a few days ago.
    Most of my work is documentary and corporate work, shot at a project frame rate of 25P, but from time to time TV stations wanna have interlaced material.
    With my UM 4.6K EF I always had to tell them, I can record 50P and you do the rest in editing.

    Now I'm a bit confused, because at the Blackmagic site I find under the topic "standards" 1080i50.

    But that does not mean I can record interlaced on my Cfast cards (I wished that so much), but I could record it externally, right?
    Christian Haake / cinematographer / Austria / / Reel:

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    Correct, the Ursa cameras can output interlaced HD standards via SDI, but not record it internally.


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      Thanks a lot for clarification FoldableHuman
      Christian Haake / cinematographer / Austria / / Reel:


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        Christian, funny thing is the URSA Broadcast is capable of recording interlaced DNxHD. I don't know why BMD isn't offering a choice on all of their cameras. Maybe they have to pay for DNxHD license to Avid, so they avoid those extra costs when not necessary.
        When delivering to ORF I shoot in 50p and convert that to their beloved XDCAM HD 1080i format afterwards.