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BlackMagic Bluetooth Arduino Library | Early look

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  • BlackMagic Bluetooth Arduino Library | Early look

    Since Iíve learned about the Bluetooth functionality of the Blackmagic Cameras earlier this year, Iíve sought to bring functional and interesting hardware/software implementations to these great cameras.

    To help aid in the pursuit, Iíve been developing an easy-to-use Arduino library, to enable anyone to build their own Bluetooth controllers. Using a very popular and cheap microcontroller called the ESP32. From experienced programmers to newcomers, should be very flexible to use.

    The library is still in development and will soon be available and I highly encourage people to extend/improve this library as they see fit when it becomes available. ( likely could use some under the hood improvements as Itís my first time developing C++ Library )

    Hereís an early look at a really simple piece of demo code that can create a remote trigger with live timecode ( using a $15 development device ) and an example of an integration with a Samsung Gear VR Remote to control the camera. ( really cool possibilities with this as it has lots of buttons, a touchpad, gyroscope/accelerometer and is widely available and cost effective.)

    Still working on adding an example or two, would love to hear what kind of examples youíd like to see included with the library and Iíll see If I can make those happen.