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Card freezes and audio out of sync

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  • Card freezes and audio out of sync

    Hey everyone
    I have been using Transcend 256 GB for recording BRAW for a while now. Spent 30 day of production on them. No issues. Been using them for 2 years no issues. Recorded non stop 1 hour footage on URSA Mini Pro with those cards no problem. An hour after that shoot and next day, on two separate Transcend cards, the audio goes out of sync literally from beginning and then video freezes with a min or two left. I checked 2 cards and it happened on them within span of 12 hours. Never had this happened before.

    Audio is perfect which is good because it was interview. I understand the last 1 min of video is gone but I wanted to sync the audio. So I did and after 15 seconds it goes out of sync again.

    It was all recorded on 23.978. Anyone ever went through this? I am afraid to even record anything on braw now

    Thoughts ?
    Jawad Mir

    Editor . Director
    RED Weapon // 2 x Black Magic URSA Mini 4.6K; Canon Cine Lenses / DJI Phantom 4 Pro