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Pocket 6K issues that accessories will fix?

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  • Pocket 6K issues that accessories will fix?

    I have a few issues that I deal with when I am shooting with the pocket 6K. I am looking for an affordable way to fix these issues...

    1. I have a Miller Tripod thatís over 10 years old. It still works great, but the pocket 6K is always getting loose on the base. The camera spins instead of staying in place. I assume thatís just because the bottom of the camera just has one hole for the screw from the camera plate?

    Would a half cage like the one below help keep the camera from getting loose from the tripod plate and spinning?

    2. When I am shooting outside, the lcd screen is highly reflective and not very useful, would a shade like this help and will it attach to the half cage above (I assume yes, because itís the same manufacturer)?

    3. I still have a follow focus and rods from my old camera setup, would something like this (a small rig base plate) allow me to use them with my pocket 6K and still attach it to my Miller tripod securely? This is the one I am most unsure of. Not sure if it would work with my tripod plate?

    Thanks for the help!

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    One more thing, if I don’t buy the baseplate, is the cage made to attach directly onto my tripod plate?


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      My tripod head is the Miller ds-20.


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        1. If you are trying to save weight where every gram saved is important, this is ok, but for a little more I recommend the full cage so you can have additional protection and more mounting points on the grip side.

        2. While this shade helps a bit, it does not change the fact that the camera lcd is fixed and that it is only as bright as your average phone which is about 450 to 500 nits. I'd save a bit and go for an external monitor which is brighter and give you more options to shoot at different angles. Shooting solo, this would help when shooting interviews when your camera is off to the side.

        3. The cage will have additional holes under to allow you to attach it to any QR plate, but yeah, the link you showed would work but its dovetail design is more for arri plate style dovetail.
        Since I don't use that I have this instead.
        Ted Ramasola


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          Great advice. Thank you! I ordered the full cage. I think it’s only $10 more. I also ordered a really bright monitor: feelworld.

          The guy at smallrig recommended this base plate for rods:

          It’s called: SMALLRIG BMPCC Baseplate for Manfrotto 501PL Compatible with Black Design Pocket Cinema Camera 4K & 6K – 2266

          Would that work with my Miller tripod? My Tripod plate is flat. It doesn’t seem like the perfect fit, but maybe it’s ok?
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            I have the Smallrig full cage on the P6K and it fits nicely plus the extra protection. SmallHD has nice deals on the Focus OLED cine kit - for around $299.


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              Originally posted by EYu View Post
              I have the Smallrig full cage on the P6K and it fits nicely plus the extra protection. SmallHD has nice deals on the Focus OLED cine kit - for around $299.
              Do you have rails and a base plate? If so, what did you get?


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                I have an old Varavon base plate with 15mm rods so I'm using that. It fits well on the small rig cage.