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Show us your cool Pocket 4K/6K handheld gimbal rig and setup

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    I did the 90mm test precisely because I think any gimbal that can work with the p4k and a long and heavy lens will also work great with the p6k
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      Went with the MOZA Air 2 as it has a larger payload than the AirCross 2 and uses 4 replaceable 18650 batteries instead of the proprietary one on the air cross 2.

      Mounting the BMP4K with 8sinn half cage, 1.7 lb Tokina cine 11-16mm lens and ifocus m motor, battery in camera, angel bird ssd on top and some extra mounting hardware on the cage that I didn't want to remove. It was incredibly easy to balance. The only thing you have to pay attention to is offsetting the camera slightly. Most cages have a lot of bottom mounting points.

      Adorama has the MOZA Air 2 with ifocus m motor for $499. Comes with a lot of accessories. Received the newer 16.8volt output version so you can power the ifocus m motor and the camera through the gimbal or ifocus motor and a external monitor like I did using the in camera battery for the cam.
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