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2.6K, 2.8K Anamorphic, 4K 2.4:1 in Pocket 4K!

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    Originally posted by dop16mm View Post
    They always promoted the 6k as a lateral move rather than upgrade. There will always be some that think they have to have just because it is 6k. Many are selling the 4k for 6k primarily because they use EF glass, and that is the market it was made for.
    EFS rather than EF glass would be the logical reason to buy BMPCC6K. Not everyone will be a fan but Metabones SB particularly the Cine version made a huge different for my EF lenses that it no longer wobbles. Can you imagine investing huge amount of money on high quality tripod, fluid head, camera rigs and focusing gears only to be completely undone by the EF mount that has no secure locking. 6k would be a reason to convert if their computer and storage space can handle it. I already hear owners of BMPCC6K complain that it does not have a 4k BRaw option so clearly they have not thought it through when they made their purchase.