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Anyone else excited about the ATEM Mini?

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    Just use a small HDMI in/ out monitor for each camera, extra kit, or just plug in a laptop and get camera feed monitor there.


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      Originally posted by Denny Smith View Post
      Just use a small HDMI in/ out monitor for each camera, extra kit, or just plug in a laptop and get camera feed monitor there.
      Thanks to everyone.... using an HDMI monitor for each camera would defeat the purpose of a 'small and cheap' switcher. If I plug in a laptop, I'm still switching blind no?

      To me, it's a useless product (a first from BlackMagic), and a laptop with three or four quality USB webcams would be simpler and more effective. Indeed, I know of Radio Stations who do exactly that - using multiple wireless and USB webcams and switching using just a laptop, which streams directly and is also used for viewer interraction and what not.

      Maybe including a seperate HDMI port for multiview would have cannibalised the larger switches' sales - but BlackMagic's cameras strength was always in giving the full hardware potential to the user - without artificial segmentation by limiting or omitting features. Even an HDMI port or a small monitor showing the next 'queued up' source would have made it useful.

      As it stands, unless someone already has HDMI cameras which he wants to use for live events, and can work 'blind' (which can easily make the stream unprofessional) I see very limited use for this crippled product.


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        I think the launch video indicated that the hdmi out could be used as a cue preview out with the USB as the program out, but then the you lose the possibility of recording the hdmi output at high quality. It would be nice if at least thumbnail source feeds were imbedded in the USB, but there is no indication of that, and I have no idea how you would achieve the remote switching feature without seeing the feeds.

        I don't see it as useless though, if you have hdmi cameras sitting idle, and would create content with mostly locked down cameras there is a lot you can do with it for minimal cost. If you already have camera monitors with hdmi in/out, you can utilize that, I have 2.


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          if you get fairly deep in the product info:
          "Preview Transition

          The preview transition button lets you set up complicated green screen keys and rehearse them before taking them on air! Preview video can be seen on a monitor when the HDMI out is set to PREV, making it easy to check the transition. Using the preview transition button is the best way to ensure your transition is perfect before going on air!"


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            Yes, no multi view options but the HDMI out can give a preview.

            I shoot quite a few academic conferences and have started using a weirdly framed shot, including a corner of the projection screen. It’s the only way I can keep track of slides, which then get replaced as stills and the speaker gets cropped, picture in picture. This device would save all that faffing around. And offering a live stream could boost the rate and replace the ‘lost’ editing fee...?


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              Well this looks darned clever!
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                Originally posted by SottoTerra View Post

                My question is; can you view all 4 inputs simultenously, and seperately from the main output? Or are you supposed to switch 'blindly' to a source? Maybe if it's manned you could ask the cameraman beforehand..... still seems an essential feature to me...
                I’m wondering if by using the item control connection with a computer running the atem software that you could get multiview on the computer monitor…?

                I contacted BMD support and got the following response "There is no multiview option available from the ATEM Mini on output for this unit and the software for the control purposes has never supplied a video display of any nature."
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                  I'm excited about it