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    Originally posted by EYu View Post
    Now that BMD is shipping the BMPCC 6K, Z CAM has in pre-order at B&H the following models. Are you ready?

    Z CAM E2-S6 6K Super 35 - $2995
    Z CAM E2-F6 6K Full Frame - $4995
    Z CAM E2-F8 8K Full Frame - $5995

    If you think the BMPCC 6K has disrupted the market, Z CAM is adding fuel to the fire of disruption. Good for us, maybe.
    I don't see how any of that is compelling. None of those cameras come with a usable screen and Z Cam's track recording is nonexistent. BMPCC 6k with Magicbooster gets you 6k with 1.1 crop factor. And your camera comes with a nice 5 inch screen with one of the best menu systems in the business. All of that for the price of the 6k super 35.

    The Z Cams may be nice cameras. I haven't seen much out of any of them so I don't know. The prices are too high and there are just too many unknowns. This will need more time. The image out of them would have to be markedly better for me to even consider them an alternative to Blackmagic. If their image is only roughly equal they are over priced. Maybe the 8k full frame is competition for something else. If you are submitting to some 8k broadcaster I guess your choices are limited.

    I don't know. I'm just not seeing it. I'm certainly open to new information and I wish them well.


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      Originally posted by GeranSimpson View Post
      Red's skin tones are always all over the place when other variables start to change, and I find myself tweaking on the board to get it just right (good luck with a mouse and keyboard). With Alexa, everything is already where it should be, and remains constant as you adjust primaries, even if the lighting in the scene changed a bit.

      Every time I see a post about REDís skin tones, the example is always in perfect lighting.

      As soon as you mix those lighting up a bit in terms of different colour sources, or using less than full spectrum lighting (ie a lot of LED lighting) then the window shuts pretty quickly.

      Iíd say, yeah you can get nice skin tones from a RED, but it becomes harder and harder once you start making using mixed lighting sources or changing lighting. You spend a lot of time chasing your tail trying to get shots to match.

      I just shot a DXL2 / Alexa 65 / Venice test in very difficult lighting conditions, deliberately so and the DXL was the one that took the most amount of time to grade and still never looked as nice. Alexa just looked good right away and was very malleable, and Venice was surprisingly good as well. Sony have come a long way.

      In fact I think RED would maybe start to be in trouble. Theyíre charging a premium price and really I donít see the advantages, between Sony and Arri theyíre eating their lunch now that they donít have the protectionism of high resolution.

      They long ago ceded the indie low cost market, though they still love to market themselves as anti establishment and rebellious.

      Originally posted by GeranSimpson View Post
      -another reason I don't see z cam or kinifinity "disrupting" the market any time soon. The color science is worth more than the other features on the specs page, and nobody advertises color science.
      I havenít tried the latest Z series personally, but I see some obvious issues in noise in blacks and in some colour issues in the current models. I also had one of the first Zís and it was barely worth shooting.



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