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PWM BMMCC Record/Stop Controller by RADIOPROEKTOR

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  • PWM BMMCC Record/Stop Controller by RADIOPROEKTOR

    Let me introduce PWM Record/Stop Controller for BMMCC by RADIOPROEKTOR. This project was started long time ago in parallel with unfinished BMMCC handle grip Controller have only one simple latching button switch and controls camera Record/Stop. Button switch is very comfortable and very soft to press. It uses PWM interface and compatible only with BMMCC (BMMSC doesn't have PWM interface). It uses 3.5mm TRS socket connection, so you can take any common 3.5mm TRS jack cable and plug it to BMMCC Expansion Box Module by RADIOPROEKTOR.
    I successfully tested prototype over all this time and hope in near months i'll be ready to start small batch manufacture.

    Controller body fits to common 15mm rod clamp, so you can use it with any existing 15mm rod clamp accessories and mount it anywhere on your rig.

    Also here are some early attempts to pair it with SmallRig handle. Usable, but not perfect. Button switch feels slightly far from finger and in some hand positions not too comfortable to press:

    So i ended up with controller mounted like this. Very easy to press by left hand in same position as you adjust focus of the lens. Also when controller mounted like this you don't need to unplug it every time when you attach and detach side handle.

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    Some people PM me and if it possible to make similar form factor LANC model, so i done some search and find company ELM Electronics who makes very special compact sized LANC chips. This one probably should work and may fit into tiny controller body. I am not too in electronics but final circuit based on this chip looks very simple.
    Here is also some advanced info and specs about "classic" LANC interface

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      that chip seems to be made very specifically for doing time lapse stills via LANC commands
      It could potentially work as a simple run stop controller I guess, but it would depend very much on what signal it actually sends on the camera pin, plus my reading of the pecs sounds like it will simply repeat that signal after a set amount of time controlled by a voltage applied to the delay pin - its designed to repeat by its very nature what I maybe not what you would want?

      seems to me this sort of thing would be easier with a small arduino like micro controller where you have proper programming control over what it does


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        Seems i need to connect manufacturer and specify how it works. Maybe they provide some working circuit. Arduino feels like overcomplicated to use for one single LANC command. ELM chip costs $5 and seems only needs few resistors and capacitor to send proper LANC Record/Stop signal.

        They have few different LANC chips

        ELM303 – Camcorder Time-Lapse Control
        This circuit periodically powers up a camcorder, instructs it to record either 1 or 10 seconds of video, then powers it down again. Programmable for delays of 10 minutes to 24 hours. Requires a camera with a Control L (LANC) port and a power control pin. Handy for those Science Fair projects, or for security surveillance.

        ELM307 – Camera Control
        Trigger your still (film or digital) camera from various sources including lightning (using an AM radio), a light beam, an alarm circuit or a momentary switch. A single pushbutton is used for power on/off as well as mode switching, keeping the interface simple.
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          ah then the 2nd one listed seems like what you'd be after then


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            Still not too many progress about that LANC chip. Developers suggested to use circuit provided in pdf doc and noticed that it may not work with all cameras.

            I also collect a small list of compatible inexpensive 15mm rod clamps:

            Tilta 15mm Top Single Rod Holder
            Tilta 15mm Bottom Single Rod Holder
            Amimimart 1/4" Attaching Extension 15mm Rod Clamp
            Amimimart Notched Mount 15mm Rod Clamp
            SmallRig 15mm Rod Clamps
            NICEYRIG 15mm Rod Clamps
            CAMVATE 15mm Rod Clamps

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              So finally i assembled some final samples! I'll shoot some better product photos later.
              If someone interested, feel free to preorder here

              For $35+Shipping Cost you get:

              - 1x Start/Stop Controller Trigger
              - 1x 15cm cable with straight and angle 3.5mm TRS connectors
              - 1x 17cm cable with angle 3.5mm TRS connectors
              - 1x 25cm cable with angle 3.5mm TRS connectors

              All my custom made accessories for BMMCC/BMMSC now available here