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BMPCC4k V1 vs V2

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  • BMPCC4k V1 vs V2

    The older V1 of the BMPCC4k can use older FW to get CDNG but the new V2 won't be able to. When did that happen?
    Also is there a premium price for the V1 in the second hand market over the V2?

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    Originally posted by Taikonaut View Post
    When did that happen?
    The moment they changed the display for the v2 as you call it, making it impossible to return to a earlier Firmware.

    Well se whether the price for v1 will go up. It seems as if theres a high demand for CDNG, even though Im fine with BRAW and the lower files sizes while still having a lot of control in post.


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      When it comes to 1080p crop I can understand CDNG having that extra detail.


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        I guess the demand for version 1 will go skyrocket ;-)

        Will trade my as-new BMPCC 4K v.1.0 for two new BMPCC 4K V.2.0


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          There is an older thread about this where also BM responded to:


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            The thing driving the demand for CDNG is the ability to edit in anything other than Resolve. The minute BMD manages to cajole Adobe and Apple to include B-RAW into Premiere or Final Cut I think B-RAW puts a final stake in the heart of CDNG. At least on BMD cams.


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              Originally posted by vvvvv View Post
              There is an older thread about this where also BM responded to:

              I'm not convince by BMD explanation that changing the LCD screen would stop reverting to old firmware. Just happens it stops CDNG. The same reason CDNG is not in the G2.


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                Im not convinced either. Whether the reason is the monitor, Red lawsuit or wanting to push B-Raw, it seems like CDNG has no future in BM cameras.

                Maybe the Sigma fp will give people who need/like CDNG a good alternative. If they dont price it too high.