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BMPCC *new* SanDisk Extreme Pro compatibilitÓ issues

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    Originally posted by PeopleCanFly View Post
    I just wanted to chime in and confirm that the Angelbird V60 cards DO work on the original Pocket according to my quick 5-ish minute test recording in Raw 30fps! I ordered six cards directly from them and they arrived today; Not bad considering it's only been 8 days since I first reached out to their support to confirm compatibility.

    I definitely need to do some proper testing when I get the time and will still shoot mostly in ProRes, but knowing that I can shoot RAW with new and available cards is the real key here. Way to go Angelbird!
    Same here, received my cards and tested them individually on my little Pocket - all filled up with RAW 30fps without dropping a frame. As regards, price, they aren't that expensive. I had paid far more for my only SanDisk Extreme Pro which I bought the moment the RAW firmware was released.

    Personally, I'd rather not cheap out on media - learned the lesson the hard way when a set of Trascend SDHC cards failed on me practically all at once. Bought the AngelBird to ensure my Pocket compatible cards last a long time, in view of buying a 6k next year and equally important - as a thank you to AngelBird for fixing their card firmware to work with the old Pocket. Since these will be the only cards I'll use with the Pocket for it's remaining lifespan - wanted some piece of mind.
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