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One little goat has a new battery solution for bmpcc 4K and bmmcc

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    Originally posted by Denny Smith View Post
    Sorry DP, the Ursa Mini has a 4-pin XLR power input you can connect a host of large external batteries to it. I run an small 12-volt battery (think small battery used in UPS units) to power my Ursa Broadcast for filming events, and a Gold Mount battery on the back as a backup.
    I didn't even realize. That's just another plus for the URSA.

    But that means that is also a power solution that, as the other said: "requires some form of external rigging".
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      Originally posted by DPStewart View Post
      What other batteries could have been chosen that fit the SIZE requirements of the two Pocket Cameras? Really none.
      This is exactly what happens, when you lock the battery inside a unit, which is why DSLR style body sucks as a design. And also does not really allow for adding ND filters. DSLR from the beginning were workaround of a workaround. And instance of maintaining this form factor is the key to continuing of this silly methodology.