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Firmware 6.2 Battery Life? for Pocket 4k?

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  • Firmware 6.2 Battery Life? for Pocket 4k?

    Firmware 6.1 really helped with battery life but im noticing the Firmware 6.2 is draining the batteries faster. Anyone else having this issue?
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    I have same feeling. Did not do any proper test, but with 6.2 it is usualy 45 mins max.


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      I've noticed this too— my Canon batteries ran 50-55 mins on 6.1, and are now running around 45-48 mins on 6.2


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        My test with several batteries seem to confirm this as well. Since getting a replacement camera from RMA yesterday I tested battery life after installing 6.2.1.
        Monitor is default 50% bright.

        BM OEM LP-E6 2000 mah - fw5.2 : 43min / fw6.1 : 60min / fw6.2.1 : 45min (Prores recording internal to sdxc)
        Powerextra LP-E6 2600 mah - fw5.2 : 43min / fw6.1 : 71min / fw6.2.1 : 52min (Prores recording internal to sdxc)

        DSTE NP-F550 2200 mah - fw5.2 : 56min / fw6.1 : 74min / fw6.2.1 : 71min (BRAW recording internal cfast)

        DSTE NP-F770 5000 mah - fw5.2 : 105min / fw6.1 : 156min / fw6.2.1 : 123min (BRAW recording internal sdxc)

        note: currently testing / will update list shortly.
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          im thinking of going back to 6.1
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            haven't received my camera yet and i cant test this but my thoughts are that when you hook up an external hdd over usb-c battery will drain much faster. i have seen a bunch of different videos on battery life for the pocket 4k and the duration varies quite a bit and i noticed that some people use cfast/sd card and some use a Samsung drive .If someone can experiment with internal recording vs usb-c hdd recording that would be great. Also, for an impartial test , screen brightness should be set at same intensity on both tests, its a big screen, and 100% brightness vs 70% probably makes a lot of a difference.


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              My camera came with 6.2
              Right now I am doing some tests.

              Blackmagic = 63 min
              Canon = 45 min
              Swit = 60 min
              Baxxter = __ min (still running. have to wait)

              So maybe it is just "Canon". I donīt know. A bit strange that Blakcmagic and Swit last longer.
              I am pretty sure that I got an original Canon and wit Canon Camera and with the BMMCC the Canon is the best.