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BMPCC 4K as 2nd cam

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    Originally posted by Marshall Harrington View Post
    I know this doesn't go here but it might be of particular interest to you, so I'll leave it in this thread. check out:

    I started in stills with a Minolta SRT-101 with a Rokkor 50mm f1.2. Not sure what happened to that lens but I still have the camera with a 58mm f1.4. I loved both those lenses. They were the beginning of my odyssey into glass.

    Seems like with an adapter you can add this glass for very little money. Might be worth a try.
    Great camera, that SRT-101. I used that for years.


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      Originally posted by scorsesefan View Post
      Yes, bmpcc 4k has c100 beat image-wise. But not ergonomically. I do a lot of verite/run n gun so for me it's about capturing the moment. My plan is to use the bmpcc in controlled situations, namely b-roll and sit down intvs.
      I do just what you're describing for most of my event & corporate work - C100 mkII as A-cam because of ergonomics, P4K as B-cam (if they have the budget, then URSA Mini Pro becomes A-Cam). But for most of these smaller budget gigs, punching in on the Pocket in post results in great video for 1080p delivery so I'm always delivering the 4K unless they have storage restrictions, and I've found the two cameras match extremely well in Wide DR on the C100mkII and extended video. Clients have been very happy with needing only minor (if any) color tweaking in post, and they cut well together for live streaming as well.