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DJI ronin S pocket 4K best settings.

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  • DJI ronin S pocket 4K best settings.

    Hello guys,

    I just unpacked my dji ronin S, and I balanced my blackmagic pocket 4K on it. But I am having problems at keeping the camera level, If I try to lower the camera to the front, the camera with it lens first will point at the floor instead of leveling. Also when I tilt the camera backwards the camera moves up aiming at the ceiling. I want the dji ronin s to keep my camera level, and only when I crank it at +35% I want it to move up or down. What am I doing wrong. (never had this with my DJI ronin, it was automatically leveling the camera)

    What are the best settings?

    For example I have seen guys moving their crane 5cm close to the ground and the camera was level. When I move my dji ronin S close to the floor, the camera is shooting into the floor and not straight ahead.*

    OK never mind I just found out about the trigger button

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    It seems that you should watch more Videos about how to balance a camera on a gimbal.
    The camera should not tilt up or down. It should stay in the same position no matter what direction the camera is facing.
    If it is not balanced correctly you are stressing the motors and the gimbal might not work as it should.


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      Its balanced correctly, I just did not use the trigger button :/


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        Yeah, from my understanding it works quit differently than the Ronin.But you nailed it anyway - the trigger button!


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          Originally posted by trispembo View Post
          Yeah, from my understanding it works quit differently than the Ronin.But you nailed it anyway - the trigger button!
          Yeah different approach, I will always probably hold the trigger button, makes me wonder If I can not just set it to automatically. (or maybe its a battery save thing?)


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            When not holding the trigger, the SmoothTrack function is designed to let your movements direct the way the camera is pointing. My Ronin-M worked the same way. Not the Ronin?

            I don't have the app in front of me now, but you can set dead zones per axis. Maybe it's enough if you increase the dead zone to the max and reduce sensitivity?

            Then again, holding the trigger is the "correct" way to achieve that move (hands above head to hands below knees with the camera level throughout).