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Bmpcc4k 4K screen looks off?!

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  • Bmpcc4k 4K screen looks off?!

    Hi folks

    Just got my BMPCC4K and the rear monitor is noticeably warmer than the image actually is. Iíve sent the image out to an external monitor and looked at footage in Resolve and the color looks right. So thatís good, but the monitor image looks way too warm. Anyone else notice this, or is my camera defective? Attached a still of the same image on my camera and in Resolve to show the difference. 9B8652BA-FA00-40B9-877E-42CE80D4667D.jpg

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    I can’t comment on the Pocket 4K, but just wanted to note that this was a legit issue on the big URSA. Not too many people owned that camera so it’s not mentioned a lot, but the main 10-inch monitor was significantly warmer than the other two 5” ones, which produced a more accurate end-result.


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      Maybe it's just me, but it looks more green than warm, not the same as your reference monitor for sure. You obviously can't treat it as calibrated, just need to learn to trust what you are going to get in the grade. .


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        I know it looks more greenish in the photo, but trust me it's definitely warmer more so than green in actuality. It's not about if I can trust it as color accurate - I wasn't expecting that. I'm merely trying to determine if mine is defective, or if they ALL are looking warmer than they should compared to the same image as recorded.


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          I got same issue with SmallHD501 monitor. I found that it was caused by a backlight temperature variation. So i put monitor calibrator, to the SmallHD screen, Connected calibrator to computer calibration app and adjust SmallHD monitor RGB backlight brightness to get pure white color without any tint. As side effect this fine adjustment produce loss of total monitor brightness.

          I remember in the past some people create custom LUT for VideoAssist to remove green tint
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