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Tilta Cage Pocket4k shipping date?

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  • Tilta Cage Pocket4k shipping date?

    Any word on when Tilta will ship this?

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    dunno. I got my Tilta full cage and handle from Cinegear Pro last month, but I'm waiting on my SSD holder and cable from Tita (along with my Nucleus N focus system....grr....I had to order a DJI Focus motor kit for an event later this month in Vegas because I'm pretty sure I'm not getting my unit in time).

    sometimes I wish I had gone with the small rig cage as originally planned...but for the record, I quite like the Tilta cage so far.


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      I also got my full tilta cage from a shop on ebay for 85. It's not got the wind erosion finish if that's something that bothers you. Not me though. Feels solid and very well made!

      I just wish I'd gotten the handle as well, because going back onto the ebay shop and they've put up the prices, A LOT. 200 for the full cage & 179 for the handle!! Maybe they know something we don't regarding supply...


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        hmmm. I'll check ebay

        I put a pre-order in with Tilta about 5-6 weeks ago, but no word on a shipping date.

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          I FINALLY got a shipping notice on my Black Friday G2X/Nano bundle, but still waiting on my cage.

          Back in mid-December, they told me the cage would be "shipping within the next two weeks."
          I haven't asked them for any updates since, because after bugging them so much about my G2X, I eventually started getting generic "You will get a tracking number when it ships" replies.


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            Didnt they announce a V Mount base plate for the pocket 4k?


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              I got the cage but still waiting for other bits and bobs in the kit
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                I preordered just the cage on dec 2 and canceled it last week. Every time I called about shipping they kept pushing it back another 2-3 weeks. I needed a cage for a shoot so I just got the smallrig cage. Worth the $30 in savings in my opinion.