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    Originally posted by Ryanite View Post
    That'd be amazing!
    Hi, here is a link with a 4K ProRes LT clip, around 11 seconds:

    There's nothing to look at here (static scene) and it's not a test of the codec itself, i.e. I didn't arrange for a torture test of the bitrate or anything like that. It's meant for you to be able to check performance of playback on your system.

    Under these simple conditions though, there is nothing that stands out calling attention to itself that this wouldn't be "good enough". While we're waiting for .braw I think the LT flavour is solid for when the camera needs to roll a bit longer and file size is an issue.


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      FWIW we've shot UHD 24p all day on the Extreme Pro 64 GB cards without a single glitch in terabytes of footage.


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        Originally posted by Ryanite View Post
        That'd be amazing! I've tested some of the sample footage and it's not doing too well for playback once a few nodes are in there.

        I revisited the sample footage balloons, in a uhd timeline it gives me a bit of trouble with gpu full errors, but 4k in a 1080p timeline is pretty good, a few stutters but not terrible. I'm not sure how well it'd export at 4k but 1080p seems to be good for now until I can get a better gpu i guess.
        If you're GPU has less than 4Gb memory (not sure about 3Gb - never had a GPU with that), that's probably the 'GPU Full' cause for a 4k / UHD timeline; my old Macbook Pro (late 2013, 2Gb GPU Memory) would just about playback UHD on the timeline, till you did anything at all to it in Resolve.
        My workstation, with a couple of GTX970 cards was quite ok though, and my Aero15 with a GTX1060/6Gb is quite happy with UHD / 4K (you can't go mental mind- it is only a laptop!).
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          More SD card news: just got the slightly cheaper Sony 128Gb UHS-II G series card, not on BM's approved list but same numbers read/write wise as the approved 'Tough' version that is on the list and a bit more expensive (no V90 logo on the G series though!?).
          Happily filled the card with RAW 3:1 UHD 60p footage, no dropped frames. It works with DCI 4k 25p lossless RAW as well, fills the card with a whole 8:39 of footage.