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Zhiyun crane plus + BMPCC + Sigma 18-35

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  • Zhiyun crane plus + BMPCC + Sigma 18-35

    Just got a Zhiyun Crane Plus for my BMPCC and fortunately have some small Nikon lenses to throw on it.

    The Sigma 18-35 is obviously a different beast however, way too front heavy.

    Has anybody else tried with this combination? I guess counterweights are the only option?

    Thanks in advance for any tips!
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    I didn't try my Sigma 18-35, but I did use counterweights to balance the camera with SLR magic lenses. Zhiyun offer a 100 gram weight.


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      My Nikon 24mm and BMPCC balances well and the lens weighs 290g.

      My Sigma is 845g - so I reckon I'll need approx 500g to counter balance


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        It's arguably not a great lens of for gimbal anyway.
        I had micro jitters on longer lenses and ended up using SLR Magic and Olympus wides. My Voigtlander 25mm is long in length and jittered.


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          It's arguably not a great lens of for gimbal anyway.
          I think you might be right, but have found some old glidecam weights that might help - will have a test before Christmas. If I have any success will post here.

          It might be that I'll have to find a gimbal friendly equivalent to the Sigma - how are the SLR Magics?

          p.s SLR Magics look pretty nice if this vid is anything to go by:

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            I love m y SLR Magic. Shot a film on the Crane Plus and it worked out great.