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  • Pocket 4k Super16 band-aid

    I got my Pocket4k yesterday and the first thing I did was to add the Wooden Camera PL adapter and mounted my Zeiss Super Speed mk III primes. These lenses are s16 specific and come in 9.5mm, 12mm, 16mm and 25mm (there is 50mm, which covers s35, which I don't own).

    As expected Is saw the following on the M43 sensor.

    9.5mm - Severe portholing

    12mm - A little short in the corners

    16mm - Covers the entire M43 sensor

    25mm - Covers the entire M43 sensor

    As I was playing around with the menu system I noticed that if you set the SAFE AREA GUIDE to 65%-70% it essentially showed a Super16 window.

    Super16 12.52 x 7.41
    BMPCC4k 18.96x10

    Calculated from full sensor size (18.96x10)

    Setting the Safe Area Guide to the following values should indicate this coverage:

    65% 12.324 x 6.5
    70% 13.272 x 7
    75% 14.22 x 7.5. (the 9.5 just goes a little dark in the far corners)

    (I went to art school, so double check my math...)

    Next center crop the footage at the same percentage and you're good to go.

    Not too bad.

    The Safe Area Guide frame line is a little thin, but it works. I could probably make a mask from a piece of ND gel for the screen, but until BM releases an update with proper s16 support this may be a way to use your lenses for the moment.


    The Wooden Camera PL mount rotates ever so slightly in the M43 mount. It doesn't wobble, but rotates maybe 1-1.5mm. Once the camera is locked down on a baseplate and the PL adapter is mechanically supported this should not be a problem. But my mount will have to be shimmed for proper focus.
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    That's a pretty good band aid!


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      Yes, but the 9.5 Mk3 as you discovered still does not quite cover S16m as it is still a 16mm lens design. I find it interesting your 16mm covers the PC4K MFT sensor? The new Pocket has a diagonal measurement of around 20mm. The 1-inch Broadcast Camera has a diagonal of around 15mm, and the 9.5 Zeiss does not quite cover the corners (they are dark) of that sensor, let alone the new Pocket 4K.

      The Illumina 9.5 (which I did not test, had a slightly larger image circle) is 15.2mm projected image circle, so will not cover the PVC4K full sensor even in 16:9. So,onlymthem25mm will have a chance of full sensor coverage without significant light fall off at rhe corners.
      But cropping the sensor in post and using the reduced frame quidesmshiuld work just fine. You need to shim the PL adaptermto correct FFD and secure it to the rails or cage. The WC PL adapter did mount to the WC cage for the original,Pocket and Micro Cameras. I used a rail mount to Secure it on the AF100 rig. I tested the Illumina Primes, which have a slightly larger projected image circle on the AF100,and only the 25mm covered this sensor, 17.8x10mm 16:9 aspect ratio.

      The other Illumina and Zeiss Super Speed image circles are around:
      12mm - 15.34mm
      16mm - 15.78mm
      25mm - 17.4mm to 25mm depending on the version


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        The Zeiss 9.5 just barely covers S16. Using the Safe Area Guide set to 65%-70% you can see that it just barely covers s16. Barely.

        I'm pretty certain I shot the Zeiss 9.5mm on an SR3 about a million years ago and it worked.

        Jorge Diaz-Amador disagrees with you in regards to the coverage of the 9.5mm and my experience agrees with his.
        You're fine up until f8. After that you will see darkening in the corners.
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          Harry, you are correct, the 9.5 Zeiss will just cover the original BMPCC and Micro Cinema camera gate size which is smaller (around 14mm) than the SAR3, which had a about a 14.59 diagonal gate size. So the Zeiss 9.5 lens 15mm projected image circle will just covers this area, but ARRI does not list this lens as a S16 due to the soft edges and corners (per your cited reference). And as you said, after f/8 you had vignetting. I was referring to the 9.5 not quite covering the larger 1-inch senor on the Micro 4K, let alone the new Pocket 4K MFT sensor. I sold by Zeiss Mk3 9.5 to get the new Elite 9.5 S16 lens which does cover the Micro 4K and Ursa Broadcasr sensor without darkening corners. It has about a 16mm projected image circle.