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Angelbird CFast/SD/SSD group buy

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  • Angelbird CFast/SD/SSD group buy

    Dear all,

    as Angelbird is an Austrian producer of flash based storage media, I took the advantage of living in the same country and contacted Angelbird with the idea of organizing a group buy offered to forum users (currently the official BMD forum, bmcuser and German

    Today I had a long talk on the phone with Roman, the company owner. We talked about the idea and how we can handle the logistics and what kind of benefit all forum members could get.

    So how can this be done?

    1. I'd like to hear your feedback on what kind of media you are interested the most and the amount you'd gonna buy so we can get a rough idea on the volume.
    For example I am interested in getting 2x 512 GB CFast cards. But they can also offer a bundle of e.g. 1x 256GB SD card + 512 GB SSD2GO PKT. Or any other bundles/storage sizes you can need. If you would be interested into their card readers, that is possible too. Or their latest 1 TB CFast cards, announced a few weeks ago.

    Just have a look onto their website what they can offer:

    After we get a better overview what people really want, Roman is going to make the bundles and special prices. We will also get product pictures and spec sheets.

    2. In the end of November I will send out the special prices for those how are interested by private message, as those prices will be a limited one time offer (hope you understand)

    3. After everything has been settled you will be able to place your special order on their webshop (it will either work with a time limited discount code or they prepare a special store page for those offers).
    However, paying, worldwide shipment, product registration and warranty will be handled exclusively by Angelbird. You will be able to pay via credit card, paypal, or payment in advance.

    Angelbird is NOT a Chinese-one-guy-sells-stuff-online thing, they are a trustworthy company from the heart of the European Union and I have been in direct phone contact with them several times. They are for example the exclusive CFast card suppliers for ARRI's Alexa.
    What's good enough for ARRI, can't be wrong for the rest of us ;-)

    Roman is the company owner, not sales manager.
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    Three bundles I would be interested in:

    1. Two C-FAST cards and a reader
    2. Two (fast) SD cards
    3. Two SSDs

    As for size of the media, I would prefer the size that offers the best $ to MB ratio, but you could also consider a "filmaker's" pack (small media for rotating to DIT) and a "event" pack (large media for long continuous takes.)
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      Definitely interested.


      2 x C-Fast and reader
      2 x SD
      possibly SSD

      Whatever is certified as best for the P4K is what I'll be after processing/performance ratio


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        Thank you for the feedback so far guys. Keep it coming.

        I just corrected the original post: Roman is the company owner.


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          Robert I posted over at the BM forum. Thinking about it I agree with Mark that I'd be looking for a pair of C-Fast and a reader. At least for now.

          Still not sure what size I want. Frank's dire warning of any possibility of losing data looms in the back of my mind, though I've never lost anything from a shoot yet. I know, only a matter of time.

          Also not sure what file sizes will be once BRaw comes to the BMP4K. I'd been thinking either 256 or 512 as opposed to Frank's pile of 128s.

          Also once again thanks for working on this.


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            Marshall, currently the 512 GB seem to be the sweet spot in the price per GB ratio. I tend to disagree with Franks POV, as the risk of a failing CFast card is very small, but the convenience of a large card while shooting with a small crew or alone for me outweighs that.
            Having said that, I had one failing card (256 GB Lexar from that eBay deal after the UM46K was introduced). It was a 5 minutes CEO statement I lost, and a smaller card wouldn't have had prevented that.


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              Thank you Robert. I am at the very least interested in 2 cards and a reader. As far as size, whatever the consensus ends up being is fine.


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                thx for doing this!

                Id be interested in a CFast bundle. 1-256 and 1-512. Thx


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                  following. interested in CFast bundle with reader to go with my SD's for dual card setup.


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                    I would be interested in 2x512GB or 1TB depending on price.


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                      Thanks for putting this together! I'm interested in the CFast bundle as well. 2x256GB Cfast cards and a Cfast reader.


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                        I already asked Roman from Angelbird about the 1 TB CFast and he will give me the official price as soon as possible, because the cards haven't been released yet - just announced at IBC.


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                          SSD 1TB would be my interest.


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                            I would be interested in 1 x 512GB CFAST


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                              I’d be interested in a couple CFast cards! I’m undecided at this point as to size. Either 2x 256gb, or 2x 512Gb. Potentially even 1x 256gb and 1x 512gb. Most likely 2x 256gb though.