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  • BMPCC4K Dreams of Data

    It's getting real so it's only natural to figure out what will be needed to shoot with the BMPCC4K.

    If you shoot full up RAW at 23.98 what will be the file size for 1 minute of footage?

    Same question for RAW 3:1?

    ProRes HQ?

    What media to use? The SSD looks great for traditional stationary situations. But this body is made to be lean and mean. That means CFast and/or high speed SD UHS-II cards? With the BMCC and the Micros and original Pocket it wasn't uncommon to return from a big days shoot with a half to a full TB of RAW files. Occasionally more.

    I'm calculating a 500% bump from that for the BMPCC4K. Does that sound right?

    That's a pretty big budget for media. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

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    Handy table here:

    If you need to be as stripped down as possible, and know that any recording format is covered, then CFAST is the way to go. If you're willing and able to rig up a tiny SSD (I don't believe for a second this means you have to be "locked-down") then you can save a ton of money going that route. (Also nice for file transfer - just connect, no need for a reader.)
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      I suspect that the cage manufacturers will have caddies for the little Samsung t5, with cable locks on both ends to make a viable solution without losing much mobility.


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        I'm getting a 256GB CFast card, which can hold 41 minutes of 4k RAW 3:1 footage at 24fps
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          CFast is the first and best option to go, followed by SSD (assuming new cages will be design to hold one). We shot 2 nights of 4 hours each on an URSA 4K mini at full on DCI 23.98 at 3:1 RAW and used about 780Gb of data. So that's roughly about 1.6G per minute.


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            I have a few CFast cards for my C200. If I keep my pre-order I'll get a couple more. Egodisk is a good smaller brand that has proven itself for the C200, and the data rate for that camera is higher than 3:1 is on this one.


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              I was thinking Transcend because I've used them for years without suffering any big issues myself, but egodisk is around the same price so I'll consider that one as well, thanks
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                Always stick to the recommended cards from BM.


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                  Transcend is on the list, egodisk is not. But Komputerbay is on the list as well, so my guess is that any card that's not complete trash will work well.
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                    looking at getting the angelbird cards, I like that they come in a 2 pack.


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                      Originally posted by Ryanite View Post
                      looking at getting the angelbird cards, I like that they come in a 2 pack.
                      Most bigger brands can be bought in a 2 pack, as far as I've seen. I think you'd save more money waiting for a sale, though. I just saw a $15 off thing going on today at B&H on some storage, but I didn't pay much attention to the details.


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                        I must be old, cause I remember wondering how I would have enough hard drive space to deal with 5 mins per GB that was mini DV back in the day. Now it will be roughly 5 GB per min with 4K ProRes. Ugh.


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                          I frequently come home with 500-1000GB's of footage a day.

                          Granted I'm only shooting with the BMCC, the Pocket, and the Micro's. The data rate looks like it'll be a little over 400% higher.

                          Wondering if my cheese-grater will handle it. The ingest is gonna take much longer.

                          Been thinking about how much I like the gear I've been shooting with, and what I was thinking when I first got it. I was really worried about the data even then. It took me a couple of months to get settled. It seemed so expensive at the time. I started small and bought as I needed it.

                          I'm going to miss these cameras. Appreciating the color and the shape of the imagery as you looked at dailies. Then what you could do with it given just a little time. It's been fun figuring out their rigs and how to adapt them to different needs. I haven't really thought about what I'm going to do with them. I'll hold on until I'm on firm ground with the new ones but imagine that will happen fast.

                          The next few weeks are going to be exciting.