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So it's finally here Mac users!!!

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  • So it's finally here Mac users!!!

    So I already have one of the latest 27" iMacs, (Non PRo), but fully spec'd, including the 580.
    Davinci already chews through everything I give it with this machine, but now with full eGPU support from Apple you can use multiple GPUs (Studio) version required, and tackle all of your cutting and coloring demands on a low-end Mac laptop.

    Watch the video all the way through... we are working in exciting times!!
    Apple's eGPU support is still in it's infancy, so I can only see this getting better and better.

    Question for the Davinci pros here: When using multiple GPUs it's favored to match cards or you will only get the benefits from the lowest rated card. Am I correct on that assumption? So should you try to match eGPU cards for the very same reason?


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    Only officially supports Thunderbolt 3 machines, no big surprise. Hope the hacks for earlier systems proves stable.


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      There's a hack that makes TB1 and TB2 devices work with 10.13.4 (and keeps all the original firmware in tact). However, only works with AMD cards.

      I've been using the "older" hack for NVidia cards for quite some time now. Even my late 2013 iMac can edit 4K smoothly with the 1060 6gb attached in the Akitio Thunder2.


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        That’s cool. No if I decide to get an iMac for it’s amazing 5K 27” screen I won’t be stuck with anemic video editing abilities.

        I don’t want to even think about what’s going to happen when Apple ditches Intel for their own custom CPU’s in 2020. It’ll be back to full PC for me.


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          I'm tempted to get the kit that Apple markets with the radion 580 and try the hack with my 2013 MacBook Pro. The main limitation with is that I only have 8gb of ram that can't be upgraded. If I need to go for 27" iMac for more ram I could go with lower model plus egpu.