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BlackMagic Mico Cinema Display & Davinci Setup - Early questions

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  • BlackMagic Mico Cinema Display & Davinci Setup - Early questions


    I've just got myself a Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera, with the aim of using it for an upcoming shoot this Tuesday. So I'm quickly trying to familarise myself with the little guy. I've been working with the pocket cinema camera for the past 2.5 years and editing in Premiere (and Final Cut) for 15 years.

    A few quick question/comments.

    Camera display:

    - Is there a way to have the battery life shown on your monitor without including the hdmi safe frames and ISO settings. I'm using a SmallHD Focus monitor.. and don't have need for any other bit of info bar the cameras battery life (and maybe the recording alert / rec symbol).

    - I assume the flashing green / yellow tally light signifies the battery is getting low. I assume getting used to this is my best option to solve the above question.

    Stumbling blindly into Davinci:

    The Raw 3.1 codec on the micro sounds great, plus its the only codec that supports the camera 60p filming option which was my main reason for getting the camera. (That accompanied by the fact that it works with my current SD cards, external battery and metabones adaptor.).

    Now as Resolve is the only bit of software (that I know of) that supports RAW 3.1 it's time to jump in and start embracing it whole heartedly. I've just watched my first 1 hour tutorial. I know of course it's the go to for superb grading, but I've made do happily with the Lumetri setup in Premiere more recently.

    Due to being at home and not on a better equipped PC or iMac at our office this weekend, I'm making do with my 2012 macbook with AMD Radeon HD 6750M 1 GB. I've updated the OS to be able to install Davinci, which is up and running fine. Though it admittedly runs terribly slowly once you bring in a DNG sequence. I'll worry about improving the playback on this another time.

    My Davinci Question...

    I've watched and read various tips on setting up your project for blackmagic footage and get either outdated or contrasting ideas as software and codecs change and imrpove over time.

    What is the correct/best project settings for bringing in RAW footage shot on the Micro?...

    Which ever settings I go for still seems to produce the wrong resutls, especially compared to the thumbnail which looks closer to the flat image I was expecting to get shown in the preview window.


    If I set Davinci Project settings to 'System Config' preset which uses, 'Davinci YRGB' for colour science and timeline colour space: REC 709 Gamme 2.4 - the footage is very dark.

    If I set it to 'Davinci YRGB Color Managed' for colour science, Then input, output and timeline colour space to 'Blackmagic Film' the footage is VERY red.

    Now whilst I'm 99% sure this is because I'd oing something wrong.

    I'm not sure it's due to my macbooks dated graphics card or whether the changing of project settings does'nt work once you've imported footage, or I'm simply choosing the wrong options.

    I've seen a preivous forum thread that says how great REC 709 is now at interpretting the BMPCC raw footage.. so do I now ignroe the Blackmagic options?

    Obviously lots to learn, and Im sure there are ways to reduce the preview quality to help playback on my macbook.

    Any help would be very welcome. I'd normally happily sit and slowly read through bits of a well written manual, or work through hours of tutorials, but first I'd at least like to get my footage on the timeline with he expected flat image and then learn to grade/edit with Davinci.
    A professional 2D / 3D animator with a passion for film.

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    Battery status indicates is,part of the monitor overlays, somoverlays needs to be on. You can turn off most of the individual overlays, like meters, and just go with the 16:9 safe frame, set transparency to low, and it is not as intrusive.

    Raw 3.1 is the only Raw option for 1080p60frsme rate, but ProRes codecs also support 60fps, so Raw 3.1 is Not your only option.


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      • Is there a way to have the battery life shown on your monitor without including the hdmi safe frames and ISO settings

      Sorry, no.

      • I assume the flashing green / yellow tally light signifies the battery is getting low


      As for the rest, you'll want to make sure that under Camera RAW settings, Cinema DNG, the colour space isn't set to automatically apply Rec.709. That means having Decode Using set to either Camera Metadata or Project. If the preview isn't looking like the thumbnail then some sort of interpretation is going on and, during my initial learning curve with Resolve, this settings panel was the most common culprit.


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        Thanks.. I'll try the Davinci camera RAW settings tonight, plus also test the cameras ProRes settings. I'd heard/read that it only supported 60P at RAW 3.1 and did'nt check if Prores supported it myself, again will check tonight.

        Thanks for the helpful replies.
        A professional 2D / 3D animator with a passion for film.


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          - You can remove any safe frames by setting Monitoring->FrameGuides->1.85:1. That will leave you with the bottom stats only. You can turn on/off audio meters and histogram as well.
          - About Resolve, you have to make sure no LUTs are applied on your RAW files. By default you shouldn't be getting any. I can help if you are more specific or you can watch a few more videos online I'm pretty sure you will get it