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Extra battery setup for a black magic pocket & Zhiyun Crane V2 (3 axis stabiliser)

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  • Extra battery setup for a black magic pocket & Zhiyun Crane V2 (3 axis stabiliser)

    I'm expecting my newly ordered Zhiyun crane (v2) stabiliser to turn up on Monday.

    The plan is to rig my bmpcc, metabones and sigmas 18-35 which fall within the weight for the stabiliser (plus I've heard others have this setup working).

    Also monitor mounting... any options? ... (I have ordered the extra 2 handle attachment)

    In preparation for it's arrival I've been trying to work out the best ways to rig a 2nd external battery. I'm assuming I can strap one to the outside of the stabiliser hand and run a wire to the camera. Do people have this setup working, does the movement of the stabiliser clash with the cable and cause issues?.

    Many thanks for any tips.... also any tips on balancing with your BMPCC would be welcome and lastly... any pics of your rigs would be cool to see.
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    No replies on this yet …? I'm hoping others will chime in—I'm in the same situation: bought a Zhiyun Crane-M to fly a BMPCC on a job in January.

    Stormy, have you got your stabilizer yet? Have you figured out a good way to manage an extra battery?


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      I got a Zhiyun Crane recently for my bmpcc. Have the juicebox magic power. At first, I had it mounted to the top of the camera, but the balance was screwy.

      Realized I could screw it to the bottom of the crane, and run the cable up. As a bonus, it makes setting the crane down and picking it up very fast and easy. Works like a charm.