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Recent Footage Mostly BMMCC and BMPC

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  • Recent Footage Mostly BMMCC and BMPC

    Here's a new edit of recent footage. Mostly the Micro with a little Pocket and BMCC as well. Still don't know who I want to be but really loving working with these tools.

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    Lots of good footage in there! Who do you want to be? Who do you need to be?


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      Looking good Marshall, where was the last scene interview with the "old guy" shot, OldTown? Looks like someone I once knew.


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        Thanks guys.

        First of all apologize for posting in the wrong place. I noticed I right away and tried to delete it and re-post under footage and frames but found I cannot do that. I've sent a few messages to admin but never heard back from anyone. If anyone's reading this please help. Move the whole thread over to the right place?

        Rick, I still love shooting but have found I love doing all the different parts as well. Soup to nuts. Hence the paradox that I'm sure many of you find yourselves in. Especially when it comes to larger productions. Hm-m-m-m

        Denny, shot in two different locations. The light color is my place here in SD. The darker is a place called the 'Love Shack' in Pamo Valley. Board and Bat often matches the building style in John Muir's days. It's a abandoned building in a remote location here in SD that most people have no idea exists. It gets it's name from the high school kids who use it appropriately.

        The guy actually comes from Old Town. Been there forever. PM me if you'd like to connect. An interesting person.


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          He looks like Geoffery Mogliner, who owns/runs Racine and Laramie shop in OldTow square, next to the rebuilt City Council building.
          If it his him and you have his email, pls PM me.
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            Nice shots! So great to see fellow San Diegans in BMCUser. I think I met that guy at the old school house a couple years ago in Old Town.
            Tyler Jordan

            Photographer - DP - Studio Manager


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              I am no longer in San Diego, and Geoffery gets around all over Old Town, and his store is not that far from the School House either. He took up acting about 20 years ago, and has done some paid work.


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                That video, it is like watching very well taken photographs that come alive. I love it.
                LeViteZer Smooths the movement,


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                  Yes, yes they are. Marshall started out as a commercial still photographer in San Diego. A very talented guy.