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LUT for day for night

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  • LUT for day for night

    Is there a LUT out there for shooting Day For Night?

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    I've seen such available in software. I have no experience using them in production, though. Only in post.


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      I would love to have such a LUT available for Resolve.


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        A LUT won't really solve a lot of D4N situations if you want it to look convincing. Starts with filming. Need to make sure that you are giving post the source material that gives them half a chance. Be careful of skies and other tell tale signs that this was shot D4N. Assuming you have nailed it during filming then you need to develop your shots with careful color correction. That's the way to really pull it off. As for quick and dirty. Tiffen DFX has a D4N. There are others out there. But in my experience they are only useful for a quick look. D4N is tricky to do well.


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          I used this Tiffen filter once a long time ago:

          I don't remember the results, but it could be worth checking out or reading about it.


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            I've done a few day for nights and am totally with SH on this, you'll need to be able to isolate the sky cleanly to have any chance of it looking half ok (for seperate grading or replacement). Things like trees can make it very messy. Also if you are going to use 'moonlight' you will be using the sun as your source. If you wanted to create a basic test LUT for shooting, I would just knock back the gain (a lot), desat (a lot) and squeeze a bit of blue/green (not into the shadows).