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Poor man's compass type tripod

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  • Poor man's compass type tripod

    I really like the design of Millers Compass tripods. They are affordable for what they are but still out of my price range.

    I was thinking about getting manfrotto 536 sticks with a Sachtler Ace L head.

    Or maybe get this Ace set

    Is there anything eles out there that can do this for under $1500

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    I have the 536. What's nice is that I'm just over 6 feet tall and the 536 goes taller with head and camera. While light for what it offers (7.2 lbs), I was leaning towards the Gitzo 3541/3542 xls because it is even lighter (4.9). The Gitzo is $709 at B&H after rebate. The 536 is $599.

    For me, I'd be tempted to spend the extra $110 to save over 2 lbs.

    But I've NEVER seen the Gitzo in person. My Manfrotto is so sturdy, that it might support my car. It certainly supports a man:


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      The hight of the 536 is the main reason I am going for it. I have also been eyeing the Gitzo as well but I remember it dose not get as high and you also need to buy a 75mm ball adapter as well. Its sucks buying this stuff for me because there are no shops that cary it around me : (

      EDIT: just checked out that link- looks like the gitzo total gets as high...... getting sold on it.