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Need help building an UM 4.6k rig

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  • Need help building an UM 4.6k rig

    At my new job I have to piece together a new UM 4.6k rig for our Europe office. I'm going to give some of our gear (that was here before I started last week) to them and keep some new gear here. I'm looking for a few things.

    1. ND filters. I'm not sure which are good for the UR Mini 4.6k. I have HOYAs on my pocket
    2. A tripod to support a fully rigged UM.
    3. A quick release base that can play with the UM shoulder mount.

    I'm pretty sure that's all for now. Thanks for your help.
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    Yo YO!!! JJ! It's Will!

    Get an IR Cut filter.

    Grab one of these:

    It snaps right into the BM shoulder mount.


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      I would get the original VC14 plate for the UM. The VCTU-14 is a lighter build for the S,Allen DVCam 1/2-inch CCD cameras.