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Lanparte /smallrig Arri rosette mount

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  • Lanparte /smallrig Arri rosette mount

    Hi guys !

    I need your experience on this one !

    A few weeks ago I bought a BMMCC smallrig cage along with a smallrig bolt on rosette mount to attach a Lanparte chest pad directly onto the cage (without having to go with the full and heavier rods rig).
    Bummer, they can't seem to assemble properly. They have roughly the same standard 31,8mm diameter but the "teeth" of the lanparte go a little deeper. I'm no expert in Arri Rosette. Which one of the smallrig or the Lanparte is the real standard ? Obviously the lanparte seems to be better built, maybe do I just have a bad smallrig sample ? Or maybe Lanparte has its own standard when it comes to the depth of their "teeth". What solution do I have ? So much questions left unanswered...

    Thanks guys !