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DIY Breakout Box for BMMCC using included squid

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  • DIY Breakout Box for BMMCC using included squid

    So after seeing the various versions of the controllers people were using/making inspired by the cheesy cam video for the BMMCC i decided to give it a go using various items i had lying around the studio. However I wanted to try and get as much functionality out of the expansion port as possible without having to figure out which pin controlled which wire etc. Basically i didn't want to limit myself to essentially four function buttons one of them being Record. That's when it dawned on me that the included squid offered most of what i needed, most importantly a LANC and Power Port.

    I acquired 4 momentary push buttons from a local electronics store for 10 bucks.
    Dug out the Old Soldering iron (didn't have the right gauge solder)
    Went back to the electronics store to purchase smaller gauge for 8 Bucks
    Took the Power BOX from a power chord connected to a printer that had died and went to work.

    I gutted the Power Box, drilled holes and placed in the buttons, then drilled holes in the side of the box to match the rest of the squids ports. I clipped the ends of the 4 servo channels and soldered them directly to the push buttons. Then I placed the rest of the squid ports into their respective holes, placed shims to keeps the ports straight and then glued them in place. Th entire process took a day with alot of errr...tea and friends, and people coming up with ideas but we finally finished, and the results are pretty cool considering it was really just glorified messing around. IT WORKS. Power and Source Video are good. Gonna test the rest Soon. Right Now the Buttons are set to Iso,Shutter,WB, Iris.


    I ordered a new screen(Ikan VL35, a Lanc button, and a right angle VGA) so Ill put up a video hopefully tomorrow, but for now check the pics.

    /Users/MexicanManchild/Downloads/Micro Controller /IMG_0819.JPG
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    Carlos Israel

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    This is awesome, but all the photos are upside-down

    Reminds me of when I built my custom handle for my GH2. I used one of those buttons for Record.


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      3d printing doesn't save you from most of the assembly - it just gets you a more ideal enclosure to hold all the bits in