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Will my dead pixels get worse...?

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  • Will my dead pixels get worse...?

    Like many BMCC owners I've got one or two dead pixels which seem to have appeared recently on one of our cameras. We own 4 cinema cameras which we use for doing multi-angle music video shoots for clients.

    I'm fairly sure the two dead pixels I've got at the moment have only appeared recently, although I've been shooting against a black background with a contrasty grade over the last few weeks so may have never noticed before.

    My question is... do these dead pixels tend to be there from manufacture and not get any worse or better, or do more and more of them appear as the cameras get older? I'm worried, as we now own 4 and it's the oldest one which is now displaying the dead pixels. Is this just bad luck, or will I just start seeing more and more as time passes.

    Any help gratefully received!


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    Are they on the screen or on the sensor? Usually dead pixels are always there but it isn't uncommon for them to show up after a short time of use. It has been my experience that they will develop at some point but not get any worse.
    Kevin Keller
    Dallas, TX Gaffer & DP


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      That's encouraging... so the fact that 3 out of my four BMCCs don't have dead pixels and have been used for a month or two would suggest they're unlikely to develop any? Thanks for your reply.