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Five-axis stabilizer - a revolutionary breakthrough

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  • Five-axis stabilizer - a revolutionary breakthrough

    Handheld 3-axis stabilizer is a revolutionary product to the film industry. It is so light-weighted and user-friendly and creates more possibilities for photographers during film making and at mean time provides smooth videos. Among those 3-axis stabilizers on the market, the Film Power Nebula series is the most advanced, well-built products but will not make any consumer bankrupt.

    However, the 3-axis designs that control tilt, roll and pan cannot address the very crucial part: the vertical axis. We can notice bounces in videos created by 3-axis stabilizers caused by photographers’ steps. To solve this problem, the cutting-edge Nebula 4200 5-axis stabilizer has arrived.

    The two spring arms of 4200 can absorb any vibrations and bounces under payload. They are just like the vehicle suspension system which isolates road noise, bumps, and vibrations.


    Besides vertical axis, by using different spring tension, the two spring arms are also able to filter part of the vibrations in horizontal axis.


    On the construction side, thanks to the high quality material, the highly integrated Nebula 4200 is light weighted but extremely rigid and tough. Even with 2 spring arms which have 20 ball bearings, the Nebula 4200 only weighs less than 2kg (4.4lb), much lighter than most of the 3-axis stabilizers.