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  • BMPCC/BMMCC Run n Gun Recommendations

    Hey whatsup BM family! I've been patiently waiting to get verified in order to post this thread. Anyway, I have a few questions regarding a run n gun setup i've been envisioning.

    So I have a budget of roughly ~$1500 excluding the camera (I graduated from AmeriCorps and got a nice grant that will pay for my expenses) and I want to purchase decent run n gun kit for documenting the creative process of musicians/artists. I do not own any digital equipment (I own a Hasselblad 500cm and my only digital camera is a Canon t1i) so i'm literally starting from scratch here. Since I will be doing a lot of moving I'm in the market for 3 major things: wide angle lens/handheld rig/stealthy mic

    This is my ideal setup as of now:

    Handheld Rig$500 (Seen some sold for as low as $150)

    Wide Angle Lens $1100 (Seen some as low as $700) 9g&is=REG&Q=&A=details $599$599

    Stealthy Mic $160

    So those 3 things are necessities. For the lenses i'm trying to decide which is the best option. I know the MFT crop factor is ridiculous, and if I'm going to use the Redrock rig, I need something that is wide angle so camera shake isn't as noticeable. The only options I've seen thus far that would accommodate my needs are the voigt, kowa, and slrmagic. So I don't need all 3, just one.

    Like I said I'm using this camera very 'andy warhol' style...documenting parties, events, and daily lives of artists.

    Now I know the BMMCC is very new and there aren't many options available yet, but just going off of form over function, I am leaning towards the BMPCC because I can buy the entire kit at one time really soon, and hopefully by Black Friday I will be able to score excellent deals.

    Batteries and other accessories right now can be purchased later after I get the bulk of the expenses taken care of first.

    What are your thoughts?

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    This is pretty much exactly how I want to setup my rig.


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      I think the Redrock setup and lens choices you've made are good. Only thing to keep in mind that there are no IS on those lenses and the BMPCC so moving around will require a very stable hands. You'll want to invest in a handheld recorder with mic like a Tascam or Zoom. The mic on the BMPCC is pitiful if you want to capture voice or live audio with your footage.


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        Hmm my friend has a Zoom H4 that i'm sure I can use. But it was my understanding that the Ohrwurm III was basically plug n play? Meaning I would just plug it into the camera and thats all what's needed? As for the lens choices, i'm fighting between a super fast "normal" focal length and a fast "wide angle". The Kowa 6mm would be the best in terms of stabilization but the Voigt is best for low light.


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          Watch out too for vignetting with the 6mm. Might want to check out the Kowa 8mm 1.4 instead. Here's a video of the 8mm on the BMPCC. There still a slight vignette showing on the 8mm.


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            EYu, the Pocket camera can record very good audio, if you feed it a high enough mic or line level signal. The camera records audio as PCM, 24-bit, 48kHz signal. Best results are had when using a separate mic preamp, like the Sound Devices MicPreD, with a unbalanced line 1/8 mini plug mic or line feed. Be sure to set the camera's audio input to match the signal being used (mic or line level).
            Most people have issues when they feed the camera a straight mic level (which is often too low the camea's mic preamp. A mic with a high gain setting, like the Video MicPro works quite well in a run and gun situation. If you use the Zoom, make sure to set it at 24-bit, 48kHz WAV format to match the camera audio signal, and reduce editing audio issues.


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              Here are a couple pictures of my handheld rig. The wooden handle can be configured to be perfectly ergonomic. Those pistol handles are a gimmick, hold your hand in front of your face, your grip is naturally parallel, not perpendicular to the lens barrel. I'll sell you this rig for $2000 and you could be shooting next week or build your own.

              SLR Magic 10mm T2.1
              Viefactor cage+cable lock
              Cinesmart 90 degree rosette
              aminimart rosette extension
              aaton style wooden grip
              Zacuto finder + Bluestar cushion
              3 BM batteries
              1 Sandisk Extremo Pro 128GB

              Safe Travels

              CB.JPGBig Hand.JPG


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                Too smooth for Ergocine, Kinogrip?
                Toby Angwin - Director/Compositor
                Twitter Vimeo
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                Smallrig, Letus & Ergocine support


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                  I know it's quite expensive, but i'd look for a [used] Olympus 7-14mm 2.8 lens as it gives you much more flexibility than one single lens.

                  Pistol grips with LANC port are dirt cheap nowadays, seeing some @ ebay for <50 €


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                    Originally posted by soupkitchen View Post
                    Too smooth for Ergocine, Kinogrip?
                    Hansthai123 on ebay. I've bought a few of his handles they're very nice and reasonably priced. This looks like one of his (or hers) maybe a little beat up.



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                      Grip from vintage USSR Krasnogorsk 16mm movie camera works very well. But they are overpriced on eBay sometimes.

                      All my custom made accessories for BMMCC/BMMSC now available here


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                        Vintage stuff is the best. Heres a grip that's a little less vintage but could be amazing on the micro with a little electronics hacking.

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                          Nice looking tripod handle zoom start/stop controller. Is it 8 or 12-pin? You can get the pint out for the connections, but it's not LANC control, but designed to control a Fuji ENG servo zoom lens. But it might be able to modify that, or find an adapter?


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                            Originally posted by shijan View Post
                            Grip from vintage USSR Krasnogorsk 16mm movie camera works very well. But they are overpriced on eBay sometimes.

                            I use this combo (you need both to get smooth footage - more points of contact) with my BMPCC & it cost a massive 20!
                            Also, have a cheap viewfinder, but will upgrade to a Zacuto BMPCC Z-Finder soon.
                            Can't believe that people would spend $500 dollars on that Retroflex - it screams rip me off & it won't be that stable.
                            If you've got money to burn, then invest in some type of speedbooster or a cheaper version & most importantly, put your money into lenses which will serve you into the future.


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                              Yea thanks for all of the recommendations. I've been looking at other lanc pistol grip/viewfinder/cage alternatives that would be just as good the Retroflex so I can save funds to get better glass. I'm doing a lot of research about speedboosters and i'm leaning towards just getting a really wide and fast lens (like the voigt 10.5).

                              Howie, that rig looks really nice, but the primary reason I like the pistol grip look is because it seems to work like a regular super8/super16 cam. Like I said earlier I will be shooting a lot of trendy events and such so that "look" of shooting with a super16 will work in my favor when it comes to personally branding myself.

                              Anyway I truly appreciate all of the help guys! If you have any other ideas please keep them coming