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43 of Fall Seasons Biggest TV Shows Created with Blackmagic Design Cameras, Software

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  • 43 of Fall Seasons Biggest TV Shows Created with Blackmagic Design Cameras, Software

    Thought this was neat:

    Can someone else (MOD) delete the other post? It won't work because of the apostrophe in the title apparently.
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    Pretty awesome. I think we're about to see BMD cameras being used on a whole other level. BMCC and the BMPC were amazing first entries, somewhat experimental, but did and continue to do an amazing job. With the new URSAs, it seems as if every check box has been ticked, the major issues have been solved, and now there's serious cause to shoot on BMD cameras not just in b-cam, specialized situations, but as a very legit option for A cam in budgeted shows.

    At the end of the day, the new micro cam might be the most used BMD tool on professional sets for the foreseeable future.
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      Exciting to see the growth of their usage at the highest end!


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        Not really surprising that the Pocket is being used. For $900, why not have a 1080p RAW capable camera that's small enough to fit in spaces as a crash cam or even as a capable B or C camera in tight spaces.

        I'm sitting here looking at my BMPCC which only seems (at the moment) to shoot Promo videos and music videos in a small country town (for me at least) and am impressed that this camera found its way onto the set of Grimm and a few other shows.

        It's like a Pocket Alexa isn't it? (according to the pros on here). :P
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