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Best monitor for ATEM Multi View output

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  • Best monitor for ATEM Multi View output

    I'm waiting on a shipment of a new ATEM Television Studio switcher. I'd like to purchase a dedicated monitor to use for this. I have a few requirements:
    • top quality picture and color
    • HDMI input for ATEM MultiView
    • second video input from a computer (ideally DVI but VGA would work)
    • third S-Video or Composite input preferred but not required

    Here are a few monitors I've been looking at:
    • Dell UltraSharp U2410 24-inch
    • Dell UltraSharp UP2414Q 23.8-inch
    • NEC P242W-BK-SV 24-inch
    • Sony LMD-2110W 21.5"

    I couldn't find any 27" monitors that seemed "broadcast" quality compared to these four. What are your thoughts? I'm producing live concert video and live streaming from a concert hall at a university with 3-4 HD cameras.

    Thanks in advance for your help

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    It's only a multiview, 24" is way too small. Get at least a 40". The real estate is much more important than accuracy in a multi cam environment.


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      can you give me specific make/model recommendations that you have used and liked for this? Thanks very much for your suggestions.


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        Specific model numbers not really. I just use the fly packs I don't build them. You can't go wrong with Samsung. If you need it to be light and portable ish get one with led backlight but make sure it has a good base and 1:1 pixel mode on the hdmi input. Some monitors don't have this and you'll lose the top of your pvw and pgm frames. I don't recall any positive experiences with Sony (no 1:1 pixel mode), LG (noisy as in loud), or Vizio (crap color). The big NEC monitors are nice and they're $1000 more than a comparable Samsung. If you need a color critical monitor check out this thread.


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          We use a Philips BDL3220QL 32" with our Atem 1/ME 4K and it's been really nice, switched from a Samsung 27", even though it's still 1080p, the extra screen estate it's really nice. I think 32"/34" it's a nice compromise between screen size and portability, but that of course depends on your needs.


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            I ended up ordering the Dell UltraSharp U2713HM 27" Widescreen Flat-Panel IPS LED HD Monitor. Best Buy is running a special for $549 with free shipping and that seemed like a great deal on a large monitor that will accept the HDMI input. I'm a little concerned about the latency of the HDMI output vs. SDI output out of the ATEM TV. Have you experienced that with all of the ATEM's HDMI outputs when compared to the SDI outputs?
            If I have latency problems with the HDMI output, I will be looking at these models that have an SDI input (prices are from B&H):
            • $681- Tote Vision LED-2153HDSDI 21.5" LED-Backlit HD-SDI Monitor
            • $755 - ViewZ 3G-SDI Economic LED Video Production Monitor (21.5")
            • $900 - Ikegami ULE-217 21.5" HDTV Full HD Professional LED Monitor

            Anyone have any experience with any of these monotirs that I've bolded in this post an ATEM TV?
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              When I plug in the ATEM TVS into my new Dell monitor, it works fine. The white bars separating the views in the MultiView are a little jittery but not too bad. But...when I switch the input of the monitor to my Mac tower connected via DVI, the screen shows the jittering white bars and text like "Camera 1" behind the computer's display.

              Even if I power down the ATEM TVS, these lines still appear on the Dell monitor's DVI input. The only way to remove them is to power off both the monitor and the ATEM TVS and then power the monitor back up.

              The monitor says it is displaying 1080i 60Hz natively when the MultiView is plugged into it via HDMI. The computer's resolution is also set to 1920x1080 60Hz.

              Thoughts on how I might fix this annoying problem?