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Fake or other reason? Sandisk Extreme Pro issues

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  • Fake or other reason? Sandisk Extreme Pro issues

    I bought Sandisk extreme PRO 64gb micro sd from Amazon sold by Sandisk.

    First of all, the package ripped right off. It was just paper material. I heard genuine one is very hard to tear (It was like that for previous ones I bought)

    But it was sold by Sandisk....So I think it shouldnt be fake.

    I recorded till it says card full and checked file size on computer. It was almost 60gb. so I guess it's genuine 64gb card.

    With previous just Extreme card, I had to record at lowest quality. That's why I bought this card.

    I tried Prores Hq. It plays fine in the camera. I moved it to my computer and it's very choppy. (it's asus netbook. not high speed computer)

    What could be the reason? Computer?

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    It plays smooth at Prores LT. that's it. higher, it gets choppy and sound breaks.

    I ran test by using Speedout software. reading and writing speed shows 22mb. this is totally bullshit.

    Did sandisk send fake one? did I do something wrong?


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      I bought one from amazon and had similar issues. I returned it. Trying buying from B&H or Adorama. They're pretty cheap now. Could you post a picture of the card? I'd just like to see if it's easily identified as a knock-off.


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        If that is actually the card you bought I'd advise you to return it and get this:

        There are no MICRO sd cards on the approved list:

        That said, the choppy playback is likely due to your underpowered computer.


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          Yeah sounds like the card reader in the computer is likely usb2. If the camera plays back fine it's probably cool. Shoot raw and you'll know in 2 seconds if the card is fake or not. Good luck.


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            .......and yeah, micro cards are yet to be approved.


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              I don't think card size affects the speed. it says up to 95mb on the package.

              I inserted the card in iMac and ran disk speed test by black magic design. it gets about 16 mb for writing speed. If I didn't do anything wrong with the test, I am going to raise the hell with amazon or sandisk on monday.


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                If it's not on the list, don't use it. Simple.


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                  1) Micro SD are not on the list

                  2) Amazon offers Hassle Free packaging...hence the the sleeve.


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                    IS there a proper way to test the card? whether it works on bmpcc or not, I can't believe how it gets 16mb speed....


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                      There are various ways to test the speed of the card, but like Howie said, try recording raw. If it records raw with no problems, then there shouldn't be a speed issue, and it would therefore be an issue with your computer or whatever reader you're using.


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                        Originally posted by masterh View Post
                        I tried Prores Hq. It plays fine in the camera. I moved it to my computer and it's very choppy. (it's asus netbook. not high speed computer)

                        What could be the reason? Computer?
                        I would try the card on a proper computer with proper codecs and a proper media player. I would also move the files onto a fast hard drive or SSD. You can't take a MicroSD card put it into an SD adapter and then put it into lord knows what kind of card reader and then plug it possibly into a USB2 port on an underpowered netbook and then yell at a company if it doesn't work.

                        If I tried that on my aging i7 desktop with a 1GB discrete graphics card it wouldn't work out too well. I don't judge anything until I've offloaded it to at least a Western Digital Black HDD. And really for editing the plan is to get everything eventually set up on SSD drives.


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                          its just not an approved card to work on any blackmagic camera, the cameras are very finicky, you can only buy ones on the list…that being said, it's probably your computer, i have a relatively new macbook pro and i cant watch prores hq without getting a jitter here and there.


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                            That seller may be calling themselves Sandisk but if you look at some of the other items they are selling,
                            they are totally unrelated to Sandisk. I don't think a major vendor like Sandisk would do that. So, yes
                            the likelihood of your card being fake is quite high.